Televangelism - Which TV Show Turns You Into a Religious Zealot?

Televangelism - Which TV Show Turns You Into a Religious Zealot?

Sunday afternoon.

John and I innocently invite my mom and dad over for a simple BBQ. No big deal. We eat our burgers and our brats and my corn/zucchini salad and my "baked" beans that aren't all watery like last time. And as we sit around digesting, the topic of TV comes up.

And then John, my dad, and I go in for the kill.

"You know, Breaking Bad starts in two weeks."

My mom, chewing on the last of her potato chips: "Mmm-hmm, but Downton Abbey doesn't start until who knows when."

Me: "Breaking Bad is the Downton Abbey of meth shows."

Mom: "I'm sure it is."

John: "We have all four seasons, you know, if you want to catch up and jump in when the new season starts."

Mom: "Four seasons? In two weeks?"

John: "You're retired."

My dad: "I'll watch them with you."


Mom: "Is it really that good?"

Me: "It's really that good."

Mom: "But I need somebody, a good character, to root for."

And then we launch into a whole thing about how there aren't a lot of black and white characters, but there are people you like, like Hank. Oh, and Mike. And Saul, remember Saul? And Gus is great too. What an awesome villain and businessman. And don't forget Jesse. He's just a tortured soul mixed up in this whole crazy business.

And soon she's walking out the door with all four seasons of Breaking Bad under her arm. It was our form of religious literature.

We all have shows (or books or movies or musicians) that we love and want to force on our friends and family. Maybe talking about Arrested Development turns you into a proselyte. My son thinks everyone should watch The Wild Kratts. He's not wrong.

Which show can you not stop talking about? Tell us here in the comments and give us your best pitch. Maybe you can bring a few of us over to your fold.

P.S. My mom has watched all of Season 1 in two days. She likes it, but I guaranteed she'll be hooked by the end of Season 2.


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  • The Legend of Korra... A sequel, "kids show", and on Nickelodeon... With those it seems it may not be on many people's radar. This show is fantastic though! It's a step up from Avatar: The Last Airbender, in its story telling and bleakness. The action is some of the best I've seen, the animation is beautiful, and the characters are great, the last 3 episodes will give you some emotions that you wouldn't expect a cartoon on Nick to give you. Being only 12 episodes (about 25 minutes each) it moves much much quicker than Airbender. I know I'm probably missing some more points, but this is a show every animation fan should checkout.

  • In reply to ryguy:

    Everyone on Twitter talks about this show all the time. That's only a little bit of an exaggeration. I promise to check it out one day, even though (and I know this is a narrow view) it's not always my first inclination to watch an animated show when I have time to watch TV. If ANTM were animated, I would probably watch it less.

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