"Newsroom" Briefing: Take 2

I pretty much wrote The Newsroom off after the second episode, but the latest episode, 112th Congress, showed promise and kept me awake for the entire sixty minutes (no mean feat).

The Good

  • The show skipped ahead several months to the November 2010 elections, which means we don't have to spend an entire season getting an education about the BP oil spill, which we already lived through.
  • The news show on the TV show spent much of this episode tackling Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers and the Tea Party, which is certainly timely and important and educational. And the lesson will probably not sink in for the people who most need it to sink in.
  • As one-dimensional as Jane Fonda's executive character was portrayed, the behind-the-scenes, news-as-business stuff worked dramatically.

The Bad

  • Whatever they think they're gaining from the "love" stories in this show, they're not. Two guys completely gaga for milquetoast girl in the office to the point where one guy can't even do his job and his anchorman calls him on it? The Mackenzie/Will stuff? Yawn. Boring. Move on. Scrap all of this and start over. Wait for the chemistries to appear and then MAYBE give us some good lovin'.
  • The women on this show are still mostly basket cases and wet blankets. I'm almost intrigued by Olivia Munn's character just because she's so loosely drawn and, to this point, she doesn't seem totally inept. Except when she tries to talk over the newly-elected Tea Party congressman. That was just painful. A man would've gotten the job done, Olivia!

The Pander-ific!

  • Apparently Will McAvoy is a Republican. Of course he is. Someone has to be, right? It's like the only way it's OK for Sorkin to keep bashing the Tea Partiers is to make the guy doing it a right winger. They should've just left him apolitical and unwilling to discuss his leanings. Like a real newsman. This is about real news, right?

Are you still on board with The Newsroom? Less on board? More on board?


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  • fb_avatar

    Decent review. Way off base on Olivia Munn interviewing the new congressman....the guy didn't know how to answer the question so he was pretending not to hear her. Will wouldn't have gotten an answer out of him either. Also, I think Mackenzie is a pretty strong female lead, but thats me. Finally, "real news" is NOT hiding your own opinion...."real news" is presenting the viewer with a diverse variety of opinions.

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