What Are You Reading/Watching/Listening To?

What Are You Reading/Watching/Listening To?

On my TV Tandem podcast with Andy Daglas, we take time at the end of every show to discuss what books or movies or music we're enjoying outside of watching TV. 97% of the time we just end up naming TV shows.

Right now we're in kind of a TV lull between the finales of Game of Thrones and Mad Men and the premiere of The Newsroom on HBO and the return of Breaking Bad on AMC.

So I'm wondering...What are you enjoying, entertainment-wise? What book can't you put down? Which movie kept you up all night? Which TV show are you loving that I'm probably missing? Which song is constantly running through your head?

Here's my little list:

Book: I'm reading Legend by Marie Lu, which is (so far) just another dystopian YA novel. You know the drill. It hasn't wowed me yet.

Watching: Summer is all about reality competition shows. I am really enjoying Around the World in 80 Plates, which is like Top Chef meets Amazing Race meets Survivor meets you get to look at Curtis Stone for an hour. I'm also loving, as always, So You Think You Can Dance, which is just the loveliest, most positive reality competition show of all time. And then there's Food Network Star, for which I have no excuse.

Oh, and I've been catching up with Party Down on DVD. Oh, and the web series Burning Love on Yahoo.

Listening To: As I've mentioned, my iPod looks like a time capsule from 1997. But I have an uptempo workout mix filled with the raunchiest, curse-laden songs I can't listen to in the car with the small folk. My favorite tracks right now are two old-ish Scissor Sisters songs: "Any Which Way" and "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" (I'm also really excited about the new Fiona Apple album, which I haven't had a chance to experience yet.)

What's on your list?


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    Watching: SYTYCD, Veep and diving in to Justified. Anxiously awaiting new season of Louie.

    Reading: Just finished Ready Player One-everyone should read this book this summer. If you were born between 1975-1985, it's required reading. James S.A. Corey's Leviathan. Also reading American Gods in anticipation of the new HBO series.

    Listening: Jack White's Blunderbuss, Father John Misty, You Won't, First Aid Kit is a pretty great folky harmony girl band from Sweden.

  • In reply to Baronjonah:

    For some reason I always forget about Louie's existence until it's actually on. Looking forward to its return.

    I love, love, love Ready Player One.

    You are obviously way more evolved than I am, musically. *listens to Closer To Fine again*

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