True Blood Premiere Recap - Ish.

I pulled up in front of the TV last night with my laptop and an open mind. True Blood was back. Sure I have almost no recollection of last season. Sure I spend most of my time watching the show complaining about the show. But this year, this year could be different. (Is this the definition of insanity?)

Fifteen minutes later I had shut off HBO and was watching the web series Burning Love, which you should totally definitely check out if you are at all familiar with The Bachelor and if you like Children's Hospital and/or fun.

Then I started hearing on Twitter that some big stuff went down. And against my better judgment, I was intrigued. And while I couldn't go back and finish the show last night (Thanks, Mad Men), I promise to finish it tonight and write a proper recap about Sookeh and Beeyull and Eric and, guh, Tara.

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