ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast: Hangin' With the Mad Men and Goodbye to Game of Thrones

We thought this podcast would be full of spoilers, but it's not! So listen without fear of us revealing that Cersei Lannister is really a man (whoops).

In this episode, Andy Daglas, Andrew Daar, and I talk about the latest episode of Mad Men, and whether or not Matthew Weiner caved sold out by including a SHOCKING DEATH. And then we talk about Game of Thrones, which ended its second season on Sunday night.

List of characters who were BAMFs this weekend -- Kenny Cosgrove and Brienne of Tarth. Congratulations!

Here is the link to the podcast:

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(P.S. After next week, we'll be searching for things to talk about until the return of Breaking Bad in mid-July. Leave your suggestions in the comments or email us at ChicagoNowTVTandem AT We promise no one will chortle at your suggestion, unless your suggestion is "talk about True Blood." That one almost got me kicked off the podcast.)

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