ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast: Episode 21

Say what now? We've reached the end of Mad Men, Season 5? You mean, after this week, the Andrews (Daar and Daglas) and I can stop talking about Roger's butt and Paul Kinsey? I don't know how to feel about this.

But never fear! The Mad Men chatter has not ended yet. This podcast contains plenty of butt talk and Paul Kinsey references, plus superhero Ken Cosgrove, who should be the new #1 lead character on the show, and a brief telling of my John Glover story. (I forgot to tell the part about the autograph he left on the milk carton -- "To Bill, who has my other ball. Take care of Josh". Boo.)

Anyway , who cares about my one-night best-frienship with Lionel Luthor. Here be the podcast:

The link:

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