Game of Thrones Recap: A Man Without Honor

Game of Thrones Recap: A Man Without Honor

The titular "Man Without Honor" is the Kingslayer, AKA Jaime Lannister, AKA the dude who is barely in the book Clash of Kings but who later becomes a well-rounded (and, dare I say, beloved) POV character.

The Jaime Lannister storyline is one that the TV Game of Thrones writers have taken some liberty with, and I really love what they've done with it. In Clash of Kings, Jaime is stuck in a cell underneath Riverrun, and we do not see or hear from him until the very end of the book when he has a conversation with Catelyn Stark. In the show, Jaime has been part of Robb's traveling circus, being dragged across the Neck in shackles and a steel cage.

Last night we were made privy to two sides of Jaime Lannister when his distant cousin, Whatshisface, was thrown into the cell with him. The cousin was awestruck because Jaime is a legend and the kid once had the honor of squiring for him in a tournament. Jaime said he remembered the lad and he also told a lovely story about the first time he squired for the great Barristan Selmy and how much that meant to him. Then Jaime confided to his cousin that he had a plan to escape from the cell now that he had his cousin to help him. And then, of course, Jaime murdered the poor boy (and the Karstark son who rushed in to stop him).

This stuff is all new to the show. Jaime did kill a Karstark at some point; I don't remember when. But, I don't think Jaime ever tried to escape, at least not this late in the game. The addition of this little scene serves to ramp up the tension for Catelyn Stark, because now Lord Karstark wants to kill Jaime for REVENGE. And if Jaime ends up dead, it's going to piss off the queen, who in turn will kill both of Catelyn's daughters, whom Catelyn believes are still both living in King's Landing. If Jaime dies, Sansa and Arya are as good as dead. So Catelyn needs to find a way to save Jaime.

In the book, Catelyn kind of comes to this decision out of nowhere, so I think this was a smart play for the TV writers.

Another addition to the show that I am LOVING, is Tywin Lannister hanging out at Harrenhal with Arya. They are well-matched, and it adds some needed depth to his character. I like Twyin on the show much more than I like him in the books. He plays a big part in the third book, so it's good to get to know him better before the fact.

One "new" thing that I'm not a huge fan of is how they've played the Jon Snow/Ygritte thing. It seems sloppy to me. I'm assuming they've made choices based on time, but I think it muddles Jon Snow's motivation. In the book, he lets Ygritte go and rejoins the black brothers. Qhorin tells him that Jon is going to have to pose as a defector and join the wildlings. He also tells Jon that there might come a time where he'll have to prove his loyalty by killing Qhorin. Jon is very torn about this, but he knows his duty. In the show, he's never been given this specific duty, so it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. I'm assuming that when the wildlings eventually capture Qhorin, Jon will just somehow "know" what he should do and he'll do it, which is fine, but for some reason this storyline isn't quite working for me.

What else? Oh, Bran and Rickon Walnuts are dead and hanged in Winterfell Square, thanks to Theon Greyjoy. That happened.

And Dany's dragons are missing! Because that scary old guy wants her to come to his fancy house of dreams. He so wants her to come, he kills all kinds of people. And, still, I don't care. (Sorry, Dany's whole storyline has never done a whole lot for me.)

Other stuff:

  • Theon to Maester Luwin, "Come on, Maester, don't look so grim. It's all just a game." We all add, "Of thrones."
  • Ygritte likes talking about penises. A lot.
  • Sansa and the Hound! Sansa and the Hound!
  • Speaking of Sansa, she's a woman now, y'all. And she had a great queen-to-future-queen conversation with Cersei about self-preservation.
  • Last night we got our first, "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Everybody drink!
  • Robb has run off to the Crag with Talysa. Hmmm...
  • All of Theon's stuff was great last night. Alfie Allen did a fab job of portraying Theon's desperation.
  • The lady in the mask asks Jorah if he'll ever betray Dany "again." He says, "Never." Hmmm...
  • In case you were wondering, Stannis's ships are on their way.

What did you think of this episode of Game of Thrones?


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  • A couple book notes... Jaime Lannister did in fact have an escape attempt in the books (I believe Tyrion had set it up) in which he killed the Karstark. So this isn't far from the books in that regard.

    I think one big thing that's missing right now is direwolves. They are so integral to the Stark/Snow boys in the books and we go whole episodes without their involvement. It makes me sad.

    I agree, the Jon Snow change feels weird... And while I like the interactions between him and Ygritte I think the sexy time talk could have been dialed down some.

    Dany sucks. I don't even know if they're staying true to the book storylines on her, since I'd kinda tune her out while reading.

  • In reply to heinchris:

    OK, yes, I vaguely remember Jaime trying to escape. The timeline of the show is throwing me all off.

    I'm sure the TV show can't afford so many CGI direwolves :(

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