ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast Episode 17: Game of Who? Mad What?

Oh, hi!

Welcome to another edition of the ChicagoNow TV Tandem Mad Men/Game of Thrones Podcast Spectacular.

This week we discuss Theon and Bran and Roger and Sally and Arya and Theon and a lot of other things. Join us, won't you.

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    I enjoyed the podcast, but I guess one guy is skyping in. It is unfortunate because he had some interesting things to say, but at times he sounded like an adult from Peanuts.

  • We apologize for any technical difficulties. Actually, we all three use Skype, so I'm not sure which of us was having the audio problems. But let me assure you that neither Daar nor I should be thought of as "an adult" in any context.

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