It's OK to Just Laugh

I don't know about you, but I laughed like crazy at las night's Law & Order-themed Community episode. And I was by myself. And I've only ever seen one episode of Law & Order, and it was the pilot of Law & Order: Los Angeles. Oh, and I've seen the Sesame Street parody of Law & Order lots of times. And I used to be a closet NCIS superfan. So, basically, I'm a procedural expert.

I've been reading some critiques of last night's episode, and most agree that there wasn't enough character development, that the stakes weren't high enough (Though, I'd say that when all was said and done, the stakes became very high indeed. And then they died, Jill). The critics seem to feel like they shouldn't like this episode because it was "just funny" and not "deep enough." ("scare quotes" are mine) But I thought this episode came at just the right time. For the past few weeks, we've had fighting and romance and more fighting. It was nice to take a breather and be reminded that, when all is said and done, Community is a flipping funny show. Besides, to paraphrase what we learned on How I Met Your Mother a few weeks ago, if every episode is legendary, then none of them is legendary.

Also, this was a great introductory Community episode for the procedural-happy masses who've never seen the show before. Carry it on your phone or iPad and show it to everyone you meet.


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