What's Your Favorite TV Show?

What's Your Favorite TV Show?

Which show do you most look forward to watching each week? If you had a full DVR, in what order would you clean that sucker out?

Here's my list (I'm only using TV shows that are currently on the air, otherwise Community would probably be #1 and Boardwalk Empire would be # Last):

  1. Happy Endings
  2. New Girl
  3. 30 Rock
  4. Parks & Recreation
  5. Cougar Town
  6. Project Runway
  7. Top Chef
  8. How I Met Your Mother (Even though it hasn't been that great this season, I still enjoy watching it)
  9. Suburgatory
  10. Up All Night
  11. Big Bang Theory
  12. Raising Hope
  13. Revenge
  14. Grey's Anatomy
  15. Modern Family
  16. The Office
  17. The Walking Dead
  18. Smash (Not appointment television yet.)
  19. American Idol (I'm still recording this, but I've only watched it once all season. And it was torture.)
  20. Fringe (I'm backed up about 5 episodes and I just have no desire to burn through them. Fringe needs to end.)

I also have a second DVR in the living room on which I tape embarrassing things like Cupcake Wars and 2 Broke Girls, but I watch those things so sporadically (like while I'm cooking or when I can't sleep) that I'm not counting them.
Which show tops your list?


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  • Revenge, Project Runway, Downton Abbey and Top Chef. Revenge has fabulous character development - Project Runway is losing me - Top Chef is just fascinating and Downton Abbey kicks ass.

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