'The Walking Dead' Returns This Sunday!!1! ZOMBEEES ZOMG

'The Walking Dead' Returns This Sunday!!1! ZOMBEEES ZOMG

I know you're excited. I know I am.

Here are a couple reminders about what was happening on the show when we last spent time with our cast of Lost characters with less personality.

  • Dr. Vet wants our heroes to leave his farm because he doesn't want to share his food and he doesn't want Shane to kill all the walker pets he's been keeping in his barn. He's a vet! He loves pets! Zombies are just dogs with a need to feed...on human flesh.
  • Shane, always one to act quickly instead of thinking things through, shoots Dr. Vet's beloved zombie wife and sends her to her final death. Then Shane opens the barn door and lets out all the zombies.
  • Our heroes shoot 'em up right good (despite the fact that peaceful curmudgeon Dale tried to bury all the guns in the river). Andrea only hits three living people. Everyone considers the activity a success.
  • Then tiny little Sophia zombie waddles out of the barn, cooing and gurgling like a tiny wittle baby.
  • Rick turns his gun to the side like a BAMF and puts the kill shot through Sophia's cranium.

And that's where we left off. So, everyone put on your Rick Grimes sheriff costume this Sunday and get ready for MILD SCARES and POOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT coupled with BAD DECISIONS and LOW STAKES!
The Walking Dead, y'all.

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