Recap of "The Walking Dead" - Triggerfinger

Recap of "The Walking Dead" - Triggerfinger

I'm really starting to feel for Shane.

Not only is he the only "character" on this show, he's the only one making the tough decisions. He was all, "Let's stop looking for Sophia," which was a smart idea because looking for Sophia was only getting people injured. Then he was like, "Let's open the barn," and -- Boom! -- Sophia. Plus some good target practice for Andrea, lord knows she needs it. Of course, he also killed Otis, but that was to save Carl. Like Rick "Jack Shepherd" Grimes wouldn't have done the same thing in the same situation.

Well, I guess there was that one time Shane almost raped Lori, but he LOVED her, so...Nope, sorry. Still creepy.

What I think I'm trying to say is that everyone is getting all tough on Shane at this point because they see their darkest selves in him. He's truth bombing them all over the place and they can't even handle it. Only Andrea can see the how much Shane has helped the group, but that's just because he transfered some of his knowledge into her when they boned that one time in the car.

Let's break this down into "Things Shane Does That Get Him in Trouble" and "Things Other People Do That Would've Gotten Shane in Trouble Had He Been the One to Do Them:"

Things Shane Does That Get Him in Trouble

  • He lies to Lori. He tells her that Rick is already back at the house because he knows that she's a moron who doesn't think about her own safety or her son's need for at least one living parent.
  • He suggests that setting Randall (The Other who undershot his jump and ended up impaled on a fence) free after healing him is not the best course of action. Somehow Randall will bring The Others back to the farm and they will be angry about the fact that Rick killed several of their posse and took one of their people captive.

Things Other People Do That Would've Gotten Shane in Trouble Had He Been the One to Do Them

  • Rick kills two guys in a bar basically because it's the only way he can see to get out of the situation. Shane did the same thing to Otis (people SUSPECT) and they hate him for it. I suppose it's different when you've known the guy for three hours.
  • Daryl tells Low Rent Jamie Lee Curtis that she's a bad mother. And not the good kind of "bad mother." And JLC is all, "Herm, Daryl, you're probably right. Now, don't distance yourself from us, you big sexy sex man!" I feel this kind of truth talking would've gotten Shane banished from the group, or at least he would've received a stern look from Dale.
  • Glenn blows off the farmer's daughter, because he just loves her too much. And it's chivalrous. Shane has killed people because he loves Lori and Carl, and it's sinister.

Other Stuff:

I'm getting lost in all the Shane vs. The World minutia. Here's what else you need to know:

  • No one important died in this episode. Again. This show has the same high stakes as Gilligan's Island.
  • Daryl called JLC a "dumb bitch," which normally I'd be appalled at. But in this case, I kind of want to see how far he can take the insults before JLC snaps. Grow a spine, woman!
  • If DCFS still exists during the Zombpocalypse, they should probably think about taking Carl away from Rick and Lori.
  • Rick totally Jack Shepherded that guy's leg off the fence. It was very reminiscent of Boone and the airplane door.
  • Carl is so excited for his new baby brother or sister! I'm sure he'll be singing a new tune when he has to share his dad's sheriff hat with new little baby Sophia or Sophius.
  • Glenn's girlfriend Farmer's Daughter told Andrea the lamest, most boring story about birth control and siblings of all time.
  • What did T-Bone get to do this episode? His only line was to wonder about the identity of Randall the leg guy in the back of Rick's car. They should probably just kill T-Bone at this point. It would be kinder.
  • They are trying so hard for sexual tension on this show -- between JLC and Daryl, Farmer's Daughter and Glenn, Dale and Herschel -- but there is more, much more, sexual tension between Debra Messing and the gay assistant on Smash.
  • Lori also suspects that Shane killed Otis. These people are like tea baggers, always taking for fact the things they believe in their heart.
  • Rick is going to have to kill Shane. Showdown-style.

What did you think of "Trigger Finger?"

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