Death By Email

I have multiple email personalities. And I rarely get emails that are worth anything, so it's just a lot of me deleting things or not deleting things and inboxes getting unwieldy.

Comcast - This is my most "personal" email, the one I give to close family and friends. I have not cleaned out this inbox in years. YEARS. It's full of secrets, like Gretchen Wieners's hair.

Mac - The "house" email. Virtually indistinguishable (except in name) from my Comcast account.

Yahoo - My "ChicagoNow" account. I also use this one as my go-to web page sign-in. It's become kind of my less junky than Hotmail junk mail hub.

Gmail - Mostly for fiction writing stuff and contacts.

Hotmail - Strictly junk. Once in a while I will find a diamond amongst the rubble, but not often. Fun fact: All of my Evites go to this email, which is why I think I'm never invited to parties.

AOL - My very first email. I haven't checked this one in years. I'm sure there are many unread emails sitting in that inbox, probably from long-lost loves looking to reunite. Facebook me, y'all!

How many email addresses do you have?

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