2012 Resolutions - February Check-In

We're one month into 2012. How are you doing on your New Year's resolutions?

One of my resolutions was to check-in with myself at the end of each month to see how much I've accomplished and what I need to work on in the next month.

I broke my 2012 goals into three categories: writing, fitness, and personal.

January Assessment:

Writing: My main goal was to start querying agents. I queried one agent and got a form rejection. And then I got scared like a bunny and queried no more agents in January. But I did complete a full synopsis of my novel, I polished the novel, and I got back to work on another book that I had been neglecting. All in all, not too bad.

Fitness: I hate running. That fact is well documented. But everyone I know says that running is the business, so I thought I'd try it. John bought me a new iPod and running shoes with the Nike+ situation for my birthday and I've been following this Nike+ coaching program which is basically meant for sedentary individuals to learn how to run a mile one brief interval at a time. I'm enjoying this program and I've been following it to the letter. I've also stopped drinking Diet Coke while at home, replacing it with water. And I lost 8 lbs. this month (I want to lose 30 total). Not too shabby.

Personal: My goal was to make a to-do list everyday and follow it. I failed pretty miserably on this. I also wanted to read a book a week. In January, I completed 3 books (Looking for Alaska by John Green, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, and The Ivy by Lauren Kunze). It's still January and I am thisclose to finally finishing Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin*, so I could sneak in four books by the end of the month.

*Done. And I'm obsessed.

February Goals:


  • Send out 10 queries by February 15 (My mantra: I'm currently not a published author. If every agent rejects me, I still won't be a published author. Nothing to be scared of, you chicken shit)
  • Finish current draft of Novel #3
  • Begin work on Novel #4
  • Write 1000 new words everyday


  • Continue running program
  • Add in 15 minutes of yoga practice every other day (I miss yoga)


  • Get on those to-do lists
  • Make sure the house is picked up and the kitchen is clean every night before sitting down to watch Whitney or Last Man Standing

How are you doing on your resolutions?



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  • I have been trying to pay a lot more attention to food. With a couple of lapses, I've been doing really well cutting down on carbs in food. I haven't seen any real change yet physically, but this is probably because I haven't done so well cutting down on carbs in wine. Swapping decaf coffee for wine at night is probably a crucial step.

    Also, I love your approach to agents. That's exactly right. We just have to keep plugging and sending stuff out. That's a good reminder for me too. The play isn't getting any better if it's sitting on a shelf and no one's performing it.

  • My friend was at a major store last week that would not give their Rewards coupon if you used a newspaper coupon for the item. They said it was their policy!!! i told her to check "Get Official Samples" to find samples

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