Top 5 NFL Teams to Cheer For if the Bears Go After Favre

5. The Packers.  Could you give a bigger "frak you" to Favre than cheering on his old team, the team that you hate with all your heart?  No, I don't think you could.

4. The Saints.  It's still pretty warm and fuzzy to cheer for New Orleans, so you can feel good about yourself during this holiday time.

3. The Ravens.  The Wire is one of the best shows of all time; and to show your support for quality TV, you should always root for the Balmers.

2. The Colts.  It's hard to root against perfection.

1. The Bears.  Let's be honest.  If Favre showed up and won the Bears a Super Bowl trophy, he'd be your new hero/best drinking buddy forever.

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