This Movie Was So Exciting it Put Me to Sleep

I have a problem staying awake during movies and TV.  It's like media-induced narcolepsy.

On Tuesday night, John and I were watching The Walking Dead.  And I fell asleep, which is pretty much par for the course (Unless I'm taking notes for a recap.  But sometimes even that can't keep me awake).  I asked John what happened during the last two minutes of the show; and as he explained how Shane did some things and Dale said some things, I drifted back into dreamland.  During a conversation.  This was a new low.

I slept through so much of Semi-Pro (in the theater, mind you) that I was shocked to discover Moira Tierney was in the film.  She was the third lead.

When I went to see For Your Consideration, I thought it was an odd choice for Christopher Guest to keep the screen black for so long after the film had started.  About ten minutes in, I realized that the screen was only black because my eyes had been closed since the end of the previews.

But the movies that most often put me to sleep are action movies.  I can (sometimes) stay awake for a political drama or a romantic comedy; but when a movie is all car chases and explosions, my brain just says, "I'm out," and shuts down for the night.  I have had to sit through Mission: Impossible III many times over the past few years.  If Philip Seymour Hoffman stuck an explosive bead up my nose and asked me to tell him what happens in the movie after the bridge scene, I would not be able to answer him.  And my eyes would go crooked like Keri Russell's.  And I would die.

What puts you to sleep?  Also, do you have any good "sleeping in the theater stories?"  Has an usher (or the random elderly couple sitting behind you) ever had to wake you up after the credits finished rolling and the lights came up?  That has never happened to me.  Yet.


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