Memorable TV Moments of 2011

Everyone has their "best of" lists and their "worst of" lists.  My "of" list consists of things that happened on TV in 2011 as I remember them from my brain.

'Member when...

...we didn't find out who killed Rosie Larsen and everybody got pissed?

...Ned lost his head?

...Gus lost his face?

...Whitney and her boyfriend tried to prove to each other who was more...ZZZZZ...Sorry. Dozed off there.

...that one guy on 2 Broke Girls was an ethnic stereotype?

...that other guy on 2 Broke Girls was an ethnic stereotype?

...2 Broke Girls made a hipster joke about hats?

...everybody sang on Grey's Anatomy?

...everybody sang on Community?

...everybody stopped watching Glee?

...Taran Killam became the best thing about SNL?

...Taran Killam gave the best line reading of the year on Community?

...Hammervision developed a huge crush on Taran Killam? and so killed so and so on Boardwalk Empire and it was spoiled for me on Facebook?  I remember this well.

...the wrong person won Project Runway?

...the right person won Top Chef: All Stars?

...the boring person won The Next Iron Chef? (And then went on to get a perfect score in his first match as Iron Chef? So...Team Zakarian?)

...Tom and Jean Ralphio gave out iPads at their Entertainment 720 offices?

...Will Farrell had a head injury on The Office?

...Robin's kids were imaginary on How I Met Your Mother?

...a roll of the dice was all that stood between the study group and the darkest timeline?

...Tyra made a book trailer?

...the Republican candidates debated that one time?  And that other time?  And seventy-three more times after that?

...Herman Cain quoted the Pokemon movie?

...Butler made it to the NCAA championship game for the second year in a row?

...I asked you to forget how Butler played during that second NCAA championship game?

...Bristol Palin dressed like a gorilla?

...Nancy Grace farted on national TV?

...Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunctioned?

...Pasha's wardrobe unfortunately did not?

...Steven Tyler made sense?

...J-Lo offered up thoughtful, valid critiques?

...Steven and J-Lo morphed back into their inscrutable/vapid selves?

...ABC started running ads for Work It and you realized Cougar Town had to die for that crap?


What do you remember about TV in 2011?




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  • I'm amazed you didn't mention the time Gillian Darmody redefined a mother's love.

  • In reply to Andrew Daglas:

    Ah, good times. We've all been there.

  • Or that time that one zombie on Walking Dead did that one thing, and then Cop Dude brooded for 35 minutes.

  • In reply to Andrew Daglas:

    And then the time on Vampire Diaries when Ian Somerhalder looked smoldering.

  • Timothy Olyphant on Justified delivering a very Elmore Leonard-like line
    "Bad? What do you mean he's bad? Bad like heads in a duffel bag or, is he just an asshole?"

  • In reply to gvon:

    John just started catching up on Justified. Someday he will understand that quote in context. I, however, will settle for appreciating it on its own merit.

  • Temperance told Seeley they were pregnant on BONES.

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