Hammervision's 10 Best Movies of 2011

Everybody always complains each year that it was a terrible year for movies.  Looking at the 10 movies I've selected below, I'd say this was a very good year.  In fact, some of these movies will be in heavy rotation in the Hammerle household for years to come.

What you won't find in my list are many of the movies you'll be hearing about come Oscar time.  Why?  Well, we all know the Academy sucks and often gets it wrong.  The Blind Side for Best Picture?  Really?!!!  But seriously, The Tree of Life and Melancholia deserve to be seen by film buffs, but are too pretentious and abstract for my taste.  The Descendants?  Good, but not Alexander Payne's best.  The Artist?  A cute novelty, but not much more.  Hugo and Midnight in Paris?  Yawn.  Pass.  The Help?  Uh, I think my Mom would like it.

Doing these top 10 lists, it's always difficult to walk the fine line between one's "favorite" movies and what one considers to be the objectively "best" movies.  I try not to make a distinction.  These are my 10 faves, and because they're my faves, they're also the best.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know!  And if you haven't seen all the movies on this list, make it your "Mission" to do so.


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  • Loved the post! And I can't even imagine how much I would've loved if the last word or two wasn't cutoff on every description.

  • In reply to DanTello:

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I just noticed the cutoff and looked into it. Seems to be an issue with Internet Explorer. If you take a look at the post on Firefox or Chrome, you'll be able to see all the words.

  • fb_avatar

    Nice list... Oddly enough, they didn't have the Scorpion jacket in my size, which is why "Drive" ended up on my Worst of list... LOL:) Here's to 2012!

  • In reply to David Plummer:

    Thanks Dave! Already looking forward to 2012. Avengers! Dark Knight! Prometheus!

  • Totally agree on Moneyball! Best movie of the year!

    However, Billy Beane was the GM, not the manager. Phillip Seymour Hoffman played the manager. No biggie :)

  • In reply to Kyle Trompeter:

    Excellent point Kyle. My bad. Just updated the post with that correction. Thanks!

  • Great list, John. As we discussed, I wouldn't change a thing other than to include Warrior. For me, it would have replaced Attack the Block. Attack wasn't bad, but Warrior was top three of the year for me.

  • In reply to MRCampobasso:

    Thanks Campo. Thank you for shining the spotlight on Warrior. Great sports flick that more people should have seen in theaters. Maybe now that it's on Blu-Ray, they can catch it. Warrior would have gotten "Honorable Mention" this year if I had done that.

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