"New Year's Eve" Will Make You Resolve To Hate Every Celebrity In It

"New Year's Eve" Will Make You Resolve To Hate Every Celebrity In It


Genre: Romantic comedy

Premise: An inter-connected group of New Yorkers struggle with love, resolutions, and more on the eve of 2012.  Oh, who are we kidding?  Here's the real premise - "Look Ma, I see a celebrity!"

Behind-the-Scenes: A pseudo-sequel to Valentine's Day, made by the same people (writer Katherine Fugate, director Garry Marshall).

The Good:  It ended.  Also, a good friend from college - Jacob Saylor - has a song on the soundtrack ("Whattaya Say"), and it's used very wisely in the film.

The Bad:  Lea Michele's cloying version of "Auld Lang Syne" made me want to cut a bitch.  So did Hillary Swank's precious little speech about the "magic" of New Year's Eve.  There's not one laugh.  Not one genuine moment.  Not one story worth caring about.  And not one celebrity who doesn't come across looking like a total, desperate hack for taking part in this garbage.  Love Actually - what hath thou wrought?

Should You See It?:  No.  Save your money and go buy "Whattaya Say" on iTunes instead.

Rating: * out of 5 stars.


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    WOW this is the crappiest review ever-lighten up a lil dude!!! I mean come on-Was it an Oscar winning movie? No of course not-However, IT WAS a light hearted fun type movie! Maybe it wasn't up to your standards which is what the TENTH Final Destination sequel-would that have offered better acting? more gripping dramatic scenes? Thankfully this movie wasnt like that or any other movie that has all the "normal" issues which nowadays would include having every other scene showing as much sexual content as they allowed without having to label it porn or by the scenes to loose any real meaning behind them when they are so filled with violence, foul language and/or drug content. These scenes that are included just to be included not because they add so much to the quality of the film or that are neccessary to the plot. This movie that you are so hell bent on dogging out is a refreshing change to the "crap" so wrongly labeled ENTERTAINMENT in the movie business today!

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