Questions About 'The Walking Dead' - Save the Last One

Questions About 'The Walking Dead' - Save the Last One

1. So did you and John agree on this episode?

Ha.  No.  I really liked this episode (shocking, I know) and John fell asleep.

2. Maybe he was just tired.

He was, but he also said it was kind of a boring episode.  I thought it was anything but.  There were stakes, character developments, intrigue!

3. And not a lot of Zombie Surprises!

Right.  The only zombies here were the ones shaking their fists at Shane and Otis outside the high school fence.  Oh and the sad, thwarted suicide that Daryl and Amanda found hanging from a tree.

4. So let's get it out of the way, how's Carl doing?

Carl is, of course, OK.  Was there any doubt?  After forty some-odd minutes of hand wringing, Shane arrived back at the house just seconds before the Dr. Vet was about to cut into the boy and remove the remaining bullet pieces from his chest.  And now Carl is stable.  Go, Carl.

5. How did Shane and Otis manage to escape the zombies?

I'm glad you asked that, because that ended up being the most intriguing part of the show.  The show opened with Shane in a bathroom shaving his head.  We didn't know if it was a flashback or a flash forward or what.  The show then cut to Shane at the high school with Otis trying to escape the zombies.  There was a voiceover from Rick through the entire scene talking about how Shane would make it back in time.  Shane always makes it back in time, even when you think it's impossible.

6. Shane is the Domino's delivery person of The Walking Dead.

Basically.  But things did not look good for Shane at the high school.  He and Otis separated in the gym.  Otis tried to entice the zombies to follow him into the locker room while Shane snuck out the window, and that kind of worked, but there were still way too many reanimated corpses on the outside.  But then Otis got out of the locker room and he and Shane started shooting former people even though they were down to their last bullets.

7. How did they get out?

Well, I was about to be really pissed at The Walking Dead because one minute things looked dire for Shane and Otis and the next minute Shane was pulling up to the good doctor's house.  I was like, you have to be kidding me.  Did the writers just cop out and lift Shane to safety with no explanation?

8. Did they?

They didn't.  But they waited a few minutes to show us what happened.  In the meantime, Shane was telling everyone that Otis didn't make it and Carl was getting operated on and the vet was breaking the news to Otis's widow and Shane and Lori were making goo-goo eyes at each other.  And then Shane went to take a shower.  And after the shower, he was looking at himself in the mirror and he saw blood.  He had a cut here and there and a big one on his head.  Zombie cuts? I thought.  Ohmygod is Shane about to be a zombie?  And then for some reason, Shane thought it would be a good idea to shave his head.  Not entirely sure why.

9. Electric shaver  sponsorship for the show?

Anyway.  Then they cut to the high school again and Shane and Otis running away from the hoards of zombies.  All of a sudden, Shane turns back and shoots Otis right in the leg and takes off running, like, "Sorry, man."  But he misunderestimated Otis, who latched onto Shane's leg, cutting him in the process.  They got into a whole big fight and eventually Shane wrestled free, despite Otis pulling a chunk of Shane's hair out of his scalp.

10. Did he shave his head to help hide the missing hair?

Would that work?  Wouldn't people notice the blood and give him the side eye for the next few days wondering if he was about to turn zombie?

11. Whatever.

Exactly.  So Shane sacrificed Otis to get back in time to save Carl.

12. For the greater good.

Possibly.  I mean, probably.  If Shane hadn't ditched Otis, both of them would've died and then so would've Carl.  But when Shane ditches Otis, it allows him to get back to the house and save Carl.  Only one person dies in that scenario.

13. So Shane's a good guy.

Nnnn...yes?  Actually, I'm going to go with not so much.  I think what he did here was noble.  He saved a kid's life.  That's good.  But he showed not a lot of remorse for leaving Otis, a guy who, granted, accidentally shot Carl but who also had done everything in his power to atone for that.  I fear for Shane's humanity, much like I fear for Emily Thorne's humanity on Revenge.  Shane's like a living zombie.

14. So you loved this episode?

I never said that.  Don't put words in my mouth.  I liked it a lot.  Of course I still had reservations.  My biggest reservation has to do with the way the entire high school situation was shot.  It was too dark, too muddled.  I could never get a good sense of the layout of the place or what exactly Shane and Otis were supposed to do while there.  This would've been a good place to stick a scene where somebody explicitly states the details of the mission.  I was also confused about the fence that surrounded the school.  It seemed like there were times when the zombies were conveniently blocked by a fence and other times that the zombies were roaming free over the campus.

15. What else?

Let me just give you the bullet points:

  • Glenn and the vet's daughter are totally going to bone.
  • So are Andrea and Daryl.
  • And Dale and low-rent Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • And Dale and the vet.
  • Dale's gonna get around.
  • Kudos to the kid who plays Carl for acting out a convincing seizure.
  • Nurse to T-Dog: "Merle Dixon's Clap is the best thing that's ever happened to you."
  • Vet's daughter tells Glenn that no matter what happens, you have to make it OK somehow.  This is a good sentiment.  They should all be working towards this.  Stop complaining and start living.  Look at Carl.  He gets shot in the chest and all he remembers is the beautiful deer.

What did you think of this week's The Walking Dead?



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