The Bad: "Man Up" on ABC

The Bad: "Man Up" on ABC

Why pretend?  I have nothing good to say about this show.  How bad is it?  Let us count the ways:

  1. A good 40-50% of the show is just three guys sitting in front of separate TVs playing video games and talking about stuff guys would never talk about while playing video games.  (I base all my knowledge of how guys play video games on The 40-Year-Old Virgin.)
  2. This show is basically an unfunny Traffic Light.  And you didn't watch Traffic Light, so why would you watch this show?
  3. The show's premise is thus: Three guys want to be manly men like their fathers and grandfathers, who fought in Vietnam and World War II, respectively.  Fighting in a war = Being a man.  So why don't the showrunners just drop these nancy boys from a Blackhawk helicopter into the mountains of Afghanistan and see how they do?  Now there's a show.
  4. Teri Polo.  Stop trying to make Teri Polo happen, universe.
  5. This show essentially boils down to "women are smug models of perfection and efficiency" and "men are whiny fuck-ups who yearn to no longer be whiny fuck-ups, but you can't escape who you really are, so."  Hijinks ensue.
  6. And when I say "hijinks" I mean fretting over what to get your 13-year-old boy for his birthday, storming in on an ex-hookup's wedding, and shooting hoops.  Because, when the chips are down, real men always break into spontaneous acts of basketball.
  7. Why such a focus on manly real men this year, ABC?  As a society, do we really long for the days of emotionally bottled-up father figures?  Should we women start looking to the past in order to inform our actions?  Should I start wearing more aprons?  I need to know so I can buy more aprons.

The Verdict?  Come on.

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