Good News/Bad News - CBS's 'How to be a Gentleman'

Good News/Bad News - CBS's 'How to be a Gentleman'

Thursdays, 7:30, CBS

Good News: Let's not bury the lede. Rhys Darby is on this show.  Murray.  From Flight of the Conchords.

Bad News: He's only a supporting player, while Johnny Drama, excuse me, the subtle craftsman Kevin Dillon gets one of the lead roles.

Good News: Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Bad News: Again, she just provides the support here.

Good News: Dave Foley.

Bad News: See above.  Are you getting the picture?

Good News: The show was created by Cricket (David Hornsby) from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so...cred?

Bad News: He...kind of has an odd voice.  I feel bad saying that, but since he's the lead in the show and is on screen constantly, it's kind of a hard thing to get over.  He sounds like Marty McFly's son in Back to the Future II and not in a happy nostalgic way.

Good News: Sometimes CBS sticoms get better after a lackluster pilot (See: The Big Bang Theory and, some say, Mike & Molly).

Bad News: Sometimes CBS sitcoms are just CBS sitcoms.

The Verdict: The show was pretty much laugh free and the concept (a refined gentleman who writes a column on etiquette has to change his tone to be a more male Carrie Bradshaw) is a tad high concept when you throw in the whole thing about him needing a douche tutor (that's where Kevin Dillon comes in).  I'd be OK with it if the show just concentrated on the work stuff, but when you throw in Kevin Dillon and his gym...?  Well, no thank you.  So, pretty much ditch Kevin Dillon and somehow figure out a way to get the Mary Lynn Rajskub and Rhys Darby characters into the office.  Then you might have something there.  Maybe.

It's a no for me.  There's just too much to watch on Thursdays already.  (This is the moment where I urge you to watch Community and Parks and Recreation.)

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