Good News/Bad News: '2 Broke Girls' on CBS

Good News/Bad News: '2 Broke Girls' on CBS

2 Broke Girls (CBS, Mondays at 7:30)

The Good News: Cat Dennings.  She's cute.

The Bad News: She often speaks as if she's just had a stroke.

The Good News: There's a decent Laverne & Shirley in Brooklyn vibe happening here.

The Bad News: The two leads often seem as if they're acting in two different shows.

The Good News: Garrett Morris!

The Bad News: The rest of the cast is composed of an anonymous roster of ethnic stereotypes.

The Good News: Cupcakes and coffee.

The Bad News: The diner is one of the ugliest, least functional sets in recent memory.

The Good News: The blond is not an idiot.

The Bad News: Everyone else kind of is.

The Good News: Sassy waitresses!

The Bad News: Bryce Lee.

The Good News: A horse in the yard?

The Bad News: The grating music used to shift us from scene to scene.

The Good News: A goal-oriented theme like How I Met Your Mother.

The Bad News: Mother really sucks now.

The Verdict: Check it out.  Sitcom pilot episodes are usually subpar and this one was maybe at par, no more than a double bogey.  The two leads have a lot of potential, as does the show.  They just need to fire the rest of the cast, build a new set, and shoot the person who scores this thing.  That's IT!  Ain't no thang.

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