Crystal Ball Predictions - The New Fall TV Season

Last fall, John and I watched every single new TV show that the television gods decided to throw at us.  Of all of those hundreds of thousands of shows, we only stuck with two of them for their full seasons (And we eagerly await the return of those two shows -- The Walking Dead and Raising Hope.  Watch them, you people.)

Here are some predictions for the new season:

First New Show to Be Cancelled:

  • John: Whitney on NBC.  30 Rock is coming back later in the season.  NBC doesn't need this show about a woman whining about relationships.
  • Julie: Revenge on ABC.  It's an expensive-y drama that no one in their right mind is going to want to watch.  Gone after one episode.

First Show to Be Picked Up for a Full Season:

  • John: Person of Interest on CBS.  It's on CBS.  It's from the mind of J.J. Abrams.
  • Julie: Unforgettable on CBS.  Because the world hates me.  And people who can sit through two hours of NCIS will eat this shit up.

Which Show Will Have the Best Pilot:

  • John: Terra Nova.  Maybe the rest of the show won't be as good, but the pilot will be great.
  • Julie:  Don't know why, but I have high hopes for The New Girl.

Which shows are you most looking forward to?  Also, how do you think The X-Factor will do?  Will you watch it?

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