8 Questions About the Series Premiere of "Ringer"

8 Questions About the Series Premiere of "Ringer"
So many MIRRORS!

RINGER (CW, Monday at 8 PM), starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell, Ioan Gruffud, and other people.

1. Wow.  So.  There was just kind of a lot going on here, right?

Tons.  Too much.  I'm of the camp where sometimes, when it comes to TV, the simplest idea is the best, i.e. a show about a group of friends or a show about the President in the West Wing.  Not a show about a crime-witnessing, drug-possessing prostitution whore who has an identical twin sister who fakes her own death because she's involved in some other, probably completely unrelated crime plot.  It's just...My brain doesn't like this much convolution.

2. And you didn't even mention the dead child or the affair or the naughty step daughter or the sexy sponsor or Richard from Lost, who still hasn't aged.

See?  Too much.

3. But I did see a lot of drinking game possibilities, didn't you?

So many.  Like, drink every time SMG looks in a mirror.

4. Or whenever somebody is caught staring at somebody else.

That's all anyone does on this show is stare at one another.  Especially that creepy Henry guy.  Creepy staring from multiple football fields away is not hot.  It's scary.  Don't do it.  The more you know.

5. I think there was another thing...?

Oh, yes.  The green screen.  Yikes, it was so obvious no one involved with the making of the pilot of this show was ever near the ocean at any time during filming.

6. And where was Logan Echolls?

He's apparently coming on later in the season, provided there is a later in this season.  Don't get your undies in a bundle.  Didn't you have enough characters to deal with tonight, what with the husband and the best friend and the stepdaughter's boyfriend and the creepy staring guy with long hair and the cop and the new Brooklyn sponsor and the opera singer?

7. Will you be watching this show again?

I will watch when I know my hope of seeing Logan Echolls will not go unfulfilled.

8. Would you watch this show if you found out Logan Echolls was never ever going to be on it?

No way.  Life's too short, and this show is too ridiculous (though, to be fair, I think they're shooting for campy, in which case, "Nice shooting!")  But, Ringer is without a doubt better than Dollhouse (I judge most shows by if they're better or worse than Dollhouse*).  It's at least watchable.  So, if ultra-high-concept noir-y camp with lots of mirrors and staring is your thing, then book a season pass for Ringer immediately.

What did you think of the show?  Will you keep watching?

*I have an unnatural aversion to that show.

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  • You are too kind to this show. It was terrible. SMG is not a good enough actress to play twins. Overly convoluted, laughably bad attempt at soap noir. I hated Dollhouse, but that was Breaking Bad in comparison. Please let the Fall TV Season improve from here...

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