Hammervision Book Review - Divergent

Hammervision Book Review - Divergent

Our first ever post in a series of high-brow book reviews attempts to break down Divergent for your ass.

What it is: It's like Harry Potter meets Hunger Games meets Twilight.  But it's way not as good as two of those series and way better than the third.

Tagline: Dystopia Does Chicago

The Deal: Something happened.  What?  I don't know.  But whatever it was caused PEOPLE in the FUTURE to don sorting hats and split themselves into "houses" based on their dominant character flaws traits.  There's Hufflepuff for the nice people.  And Ravenclaw for the smart people.  And Gryffindor for the brave people.  And another Hufflepuff for the other nice people.  And the Slytherins (read: Assholes) are basically all Ravenclaws, so.

And then this girl, Beatrice, who decided that the name "Tris" sounded eau so much cooler even when it doesn't, defied her family and became a Gryffindor even though her whole family was full of Hufflepuffs.  And her brother became a Ravenclaw, but not one of the asshole Ravenclaws, one of the nice Ravenclaws.

And then there was some kid on kid violence because there has to be because, hello, this is 2011.

And then Beatrice (excuse me, "Tris") totally fell for this kind of quiet, moody guy named Edward or Jacob or something.  And then they got together too easily and just mooned about for each other for a while and it got tedious because, come on, people.  This is what all the olds complain about when talking about Moonlighting.  No one really wants the love interests to get together so easily.  People may say they do, but they don't.  The anticipation is the thing.  And now there are more Divergenty books coming and Tris and Edward are already together, and I can't care about them anymore.  They've kissed.  They've  done stuff.  Magic.  Gone.

But, I suppose there were other things going on here besides kissy-kissy, love-love.  There was some stuff with the Ravenclaws trying to take over the whole world by KNOWLEDGE.  Because smart people are dangerous and evil.  Sarah Palin teaches us this.  Every.  Day.  On her bus.  Are you not listening?  Well, now you are because Divergent is going to be a movie and you will see it and you will know.

What a Chicagoan can learn about himself from this book:

  • Only badasses take the el.  But you knew that already.

The Word: Divergent is the first in a series of books about dystopian, sorting-hatted Chicago and while I think the author kind of shot her wad with this book (so many deaths! so much swooning! so little mystery as to who the bad guys are...or is there?), I will be back for the second one because I'm interested to see how the political uprising plays out.  But if Tris and the boy (Four) continue to be all Bella and Edward, I'm out.

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