Watch Lady Gaga's New Video - "Edge of Glory"

I kind of love this throwback to the '90s, when every video was just the singer performing in three different locations.  A few thoughts:

  • If you're gonna sing in three different places for three different cameras, you should at least don three different fabulous outfits (though I don't blame her for wanting to wear that vintage Versace forever and ever).
  • The colored smoke is a nice touch.
  • I kind of wish she would've added some more dancers in there somewhere as the song reached its climax.  Especially Mark from So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Really, this video should've just been her and Mark and some smoke dancing around in vintage Versace for five minutes with Clarence Clemons (get well soon!) jamming on the sax.
Otherwise, beautiful.  And I will be singing this song for the next several days in my car.

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