'The Killing' Recap - Missing

I accidentally deleted all of my notes from Sunday night's episode of The Killing.  But that's OK.  It was pretty much a filler character episode that I probably would've loved if it had been broadcast in the beginning/middle of the season, not with three episodes left.

Some notes:
  1. Kinda loving Holder right now.  If they even somehow make my wounded puppy dog, former drug addict, police detective Rosie's killer, I will be pretty peeved.
  2. I liked that this episode showed Sarah Linden going through what so many of the parents she's dealt with have gone through.  Hopefully this experience will make her appreciate her son more.  Even though he's a tool and she should just send him to Sonoma to live with Murderous Fiance.
  3. I definitely think Richmond is the killer now.  He's been in the middle of this whole thing the entire time.  His fingerprints are all over the case (metaphorically).  And it would be too late to introduce a motive totally unrelated to his campaign.  And he's never really been a suspect, even though Rosie's body was found in his campaign car.  And we know that he once shook hands with her.  Murderer!
  4. OK, so maybe it's not definitely Richmond, but I'm leaning toward him.  Other likely suspects: Billionaire Jackhole, Auntie, Disgruntled Female Plaything of the Councilman, Mayor Butt Munch, Murderous Fiance (he's never NOT a suspect), Evil Guy from Lost/Ugly Betty, Sarah Linden's Multiple Personalities, Belko's Mom, and Still Belko.
What do you think?  (Now my head is leading me toward Gwen.  Maybe Richmond was diddling Rosie and Gwen got jealous and hired Murderous Fiance to take her out?  This show makes my head spin.)

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