'The Killing' Recap - Beau Soleil


One episode left and we now know who our killer is...or do we?

Ladies and Gentlemen, your murderer is...Councilman Darren Richmond
Why it's him: 
  • His email handle is "Orpheus," AKA the mythological Greek person who went down to Hades to bring his dead wife back.
  • His wife is dead.
  • He's been trying to "bring her back to life" by hooking up with Beau Soleil ladies.
  • Disgruntled Beau Soleil-er named Celine fingered Richmond as the man who talked about drowning her.
Why it's not him:
  • Because, well, duh.  This show loves a good red herring.
Who else could it be?
  1. Crazy Aunt Terry - She's a Beau Soleil lady, and so was Rosie.  CAT didn't like the competition, so she offed her single white female niece.
  2. Billionaire Assfedora Tom Drexler - This guy's a frequent patron of Beau Soleil, a noted douchebag, and the owner of the world's skeeviest ceiling pool.  Murderer.
  3. Belko - So overcome with anger that his delicate little flower Rosie was hooking up with dudes on the Internet for some extra coin, he murdered her.  If Belko can't have her, no one will!
  4. Sarah Linden's Ex-Husband - Why is he here all of a sudden?  Sounds murdery to me.
  5. Murderous Fiance - Where has he been lately?  Hiding?  Murdering other Beau Soleil girls to tempt his fiancee into solving more murders, thus giving him more ammunition to play the role of the wounded, jilted man-friend?
  6. Sarah Linden's Other Personalities - Would explain so many things about her.
  7. The Mayor - Killing Rosie and hiding her body in the car of his competitor was his fallback in case any Native American bones were found during the construction of the Waterfront Revitalization Project.
  8. Gwen - Never underestimate a woman scorned by her boss lover who just wants to date young girls who look like his dead ex-wife.
What do you think?  Who done the killin'? Don't even think about saying "Holder."

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  • Its totally the punk boyfriend's rich dad. Plus that explains why Terry was so excited to shake his hand at the funeral and he totally ignored her. She was his call girl. Ackward.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    I will be mad if rich punk's dad comes back into the picture and is named the murderer. He's been gone for too long.

  • Yeah, all signs point to Richmond but, alas, that would be way too predictable. What about...the partner? I kind of like the guy, but that would sure be a curve ball! Or the creepy little guy from Richmond's team. Hmmm...honestly, dunno, but this show is oh-so-good. Is anyone else watching besides us? I did see that it got renewed today, so I guess the answer is yes. Finally, America gets it right!

  • In reply to Marnie:

    Bite your tongue. If they EVEN make my dear Holder the murderer I will cut several bitches. I coerced most of my family to watch, so that's like a dozen or so people. 12 is enough of an audience for cable TV, apparently.

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