Super 8 Week: The 7 Direct Inspirations

Yesterday, I discussed the Amblin movies that Super 8 is designed to evoke.  However, J.J. Abrams has said in various interviews that he was directly inspired by seven different movies.  Each of these movies inform and influence Super 8, and knowing them should give you an idea of what to expect starting Friday, June 10.  If you're one of those lucky folks who are seeing the movie tomorrow at the special twitter sneak previews being held around the country in AMC theaters (complete with free popcorn!), chime in and let us know what you thought.  No spoilers though please.
Me?  I'll be seeing it at the midnight IMAX show.  I thought I was getting a jump on everybody, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  In fact, just last week, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX held a special mini-marathon of a handful of these inspirations, when - surprise, surprise - the first film shown turned out to be Super 8 itself! So, on the eve of its release, and as our final Super 8 Week post before my review, let's examine the seven films that helped shape Super 8 and what Abrams himself had to say about each (c/o of Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex):

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