Super 8 Week: Amblin Movies of the '80s


The trailers for Super 8 mark the triumphant return of the Amblin Entertainment logo, which has gone largely MIA over the last two decades.  Amblin is Steven Spielberg's television and film production company, named after his first commercially-released short film, Amblin'.  For most of the '80s, while Spielberg was beginning to dabble in more serious works as a director, his production shingle was cranking out one iconic hit after another.  Many of them credited Spielberg as executive producer, and were directed by some of his closest friends in the industry.  By featuring that Amblin logo so prominently up front (Spielberg is the producer on Super 8, after all), J.J. Abrams is clearly trying to evoke a certain nostalgic feeling in the audience.  

Though Amblin continued to produce other movies into the '90s and beyond (Small Soldiers, Men in Black, Monster House), its heyday was clearly the '80s.  It seemed like almost everything Spielberg touched back then turned into gold.  I grew up on those Amblin flicks, so I'm no doubt biased.  But looking through this list again, I'm reminded of some of the most formative moviegoing experiences I've ever had.  Let's take a look at Amblin's output in the 1980s, to further help get us in the right frame of mind for Super 8.

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