Writing...With Children -- I'm Coming Out

Last night I came out to my brother and his wife.

Not that kind of "came out."  I came out to them as an aspiring novelist.
I've been toying with admitting my secret shame to people for a while now.  My husband knows. (He'd have to.  He's the one who watches the kids when I sneak out to Starbucks on Saturday and Sunday morning to write.  Yes, I am one of those sad people.)  My mom knows.  I think I've dropped it into other conversations with other people when I was sure they weren't paying attention.
I've been so furtive about this because I've always felt like kind of a jackass whenever I reveal to people how I've spent almost every nap time since September of 2009.
Well, I felt embarrassed before I actually quantified what I've accomplished over the past year and a half.  I have written two full manuscripts and I'm currently working on my third.  Sure, the first book features an awful protagonist whom my husband says I would probably bitch about incessantly if she showed up in any book I was reading.  And, sure, the second book doesn't technically have what professionals call an "ending."  
But each and every word on those pages are mine.  And each and every second I spent working on those books kept me away from further atrophying my brain by subjecting it to rerun after rerun of NCIS
So, yes.  My name is Julie Hammerle and I am a writer.  

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