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It's been such a slow news day, I know you've been refreshing your browsers over and over again waiting for our recap of The Killing.  Well, here it goes.

Today the focus is on bad parents.  Here's the roster.  Alert child protective services:
Sarah Linden: Not only is Sarah kind of maybe a bad parent herself (in that she leaves her son Jack constantly with her friend or her murderous fiance and she also almost lost custody of Jack once), but she apparently had bad parents (or no parents) and grew up in foster care.  Her best friend who lives on a boat, Regi, actually used to be her social worker.  Sarah's just too, too dedicated to her job, is all.  So dedicated that she forces her son to eat his meals from vending machines and live on a boat.  Check that.  Erase it.  I was wrong.  She's an AWESOME parent.
Senator Eaton: Using your daughter, even an adult daughter, as a pawn in the political game is never going to win you Father of the Year.
Stan and Mitch: Yes, they're grieving, but they are also completely ignoring their other two children.  Something bad's gonna go down eventually.  Especially, probably, with the one (not Pee Pants) who maliciously smashed a scorpion at Rosie's funeral.  Also, Mitch and Stan have been leaving the boys in the care of Terry (who's a drunk woman obsessed with Jasper's father for some reason) and Belko (who probably murdered Rosie).  Oh, and there's the little matter of Stan having been the muscle in the Polish mob.
Bennet and Chrissy from Growing Pains: She's a teenage former student of Bennet's.  He's a male high school teacher who gets a little too involved in his female students' lives.  She may have murdered Rosie out of jealousy.  He may have helped her cover her tracks.  Their child is screwed.

Other Notes:

  • Could Rosie really have been killed by a serial killer, as Linden supposes?  Interesting.
  • Richmond is just about the worst political candidate ever, amirite? He knows nothing about campaigning and the only cause he ever talks about is his Seattle All-Stars kids club.  Which is run by a teacher who likes to shag his students and who may have murdered one of them.
  • The principal of the high school is seeking Richmond's endorsement for school board.  Why would you even want to associate yourself with this person right now?  I know.  The principal is the murderer.  Boom.  I just blew your mind.
  • Belko is way too interested in who killed Rosie.  Way too interested.  If he didn't kill her, then he was hitting that.  End of story.
  • I love watching Holder interact with witnesses and suspects.  He's like a chameleon.  Or as he told his psychologist, "It's like there's two of me."
  • Seriously, what is the deal with Aunt Terry and Jasper's dad?  He blew her off at the funeral luncheon, she grabbed some alcohol and proceeded to get shit faced in about five seconds.  And she's still drinking today.  She can't stop!  Murderess!  
This Week's Prime Suspect: Chrissy from Growing Pains.  According to creepy dude with the telescope, he noticed a girl going into Bennet's house at 10 PM on Friday.  But Bennet wasn't home at 10 PM on Friday; the dance videos confirm that.  So maybe his wife didn't really go to her sister's house and maybe she murdered Rosie out of jealousy.  Then Bennet cancelled the floor guys so he and his wife could rid themselves of the body.  Because it's good to have common interests and hobbies when you're married.  
My Suspect: Still Belko.  What's his deal?
Who do you think killed Rosie?  Is there anyone we can definitely rule out at this point?

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  • Wasn't Rosie chased through the woods? So what's with the body in the blanket thing? Also, good thing there was that creepy insomniac peeping Tom available to witness it. Whew. I bet that kind of case-saving witness appears all the time in police investigations.

  • Is that true? I don't remember. If so, you are a forensic genius and you are in the wrong line of work.

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