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I'm finally getting around to writing a recap of this week's episode of The Killing.  I blame the Bulls for my tardiness, obviously.  Let's check in with our favorite game of whodunit, shall we?

This week was all about good people doing bad things.  Who got on with their bad selves this week?
Mitch: Mitch and Stan's marriage is about to implode, and while he's the one who used to routinely batter people for a living, Mitch is the one who's stalking Bennet's house, badgering the police, undoing all of Stan's cleaning in Rosie's room, and, oh yes, leaving her two remaining children in a closed garage with the car running.  I have to give her a pass on most of this (except the whole almost-killing-her-sons thing).  I mean, it has only been eight days since her daughter was brutally murdered.  And the surfacing of the crime scene photos on the morning news couldn't have helped her healing process.  The photos came courtesy of...
Holder?: He's been acting veeeerrrrry suspicious lately.  Linden caught him taking money from a bald man in a car.  Always a red flag.  Was it just a coincidence that Holder was receiving secret money on the same exact day that the crime scene photos were leaked...?

Sarah Linden: In fact, yes.  It was just a coincidence.  Because, as naughty Sarah the Doubter found out when she followed Holder and the bald man into a back alley, Holder hasn't been getting money from the press.  He's been getting money from his N.A. sponsor, who has been withholding all of his paychecks and doling out the coin on a need-only basis.  Holder has been clean for some time now and is basically the only saint in this whole godforsaken TV version of Seattle.  Which means he's probably the murderer.
To figure out who leaked the photos, Sarah needed only to look at the kid who sleeps on the same boat as she does.  Sarah uploaded the crime scene photos to her family desktop 'puter (like all cops do), and her son emailed them to everyone in his school.  To brag about his handiwork.  Because Jack's the murderer.  Or maybe an accomplice to Rick the cheating, murderous fiance.
Sarah did other bad things this week besides doubting her partner and inadvertently leaking crime scene photos.  She duped the feds!  Somehow the Rosie murder got tied up with an FBI terrorism investigation and now the Seattle PD has been shut out of the potential crime scene.  Even though it contained evidence (in the form of a Grand Canyon T-shirt) that Rosie had been in the room!
Sarah couldn't handle not being able to obsess over a young girl's murder (plus she never wanted to go to Sonoma with that murderous, lecherous fiance anyway) so she fooled the dumbest FBI agent in FBI history to leave the evidence van unattended.  She got a picture of the T-shirt and showed it to Mitch, who confirmed that it was Rosie's.  But the evidence was tainted because Sarah got it illegally.  And now the FBI is even less willing than ever to acquiesce to the demands of the Seattle detectives.  So, yeah.  You've got it.  Rosie was murdered by the FBI.
Luckily for Linden, Saint Holder the Former Drug Addict knows a guy (a judge, apparently) who would be totally OK with him setting up an illegal wire tap to catch Bennet talking to his friend Mohammed the terr'ist.  
Bennet: For all his waxing poetic about the "kids" and his "job," Bennet's a big old terrorist sympathizer.  He's totally best buds with a guy named Mohammed at his mosque.  I think Bennet was just trying to get in with the cool kids at his new mosque, but now he's deep in the weeds of anti-American activity.  Ergo, he's totally not the murderer.  Too obviously evil.
Richmond: Richmond had said all along that he didn't want to go negative with his campaign. Until things got real, he should've added to that noble statement.  Because when given opportunity to tell the press about Mayor Adams's secret young mistress and the house in which he puts her up, he dropped that knowledge on the press with all the consideration of reluctant smoker, Sarah Linden, tossing a cigarette butt out of a moving car.  
Belko: He didn't really do anything bad, per se.  He just stood around, clearing dishes, looking like a murderer.  
Top Suspect: A Mohammed/Bennet tandem.
My Top Suspect: I'm sticking with Belko until proven wrong.
Food For Thought: What about Sarah Linden as a suspect?  What if she's so obsessed with solving murder crimes that she developed a secret murderous personality who kills girls just so that the real Sarah Linden has crimes to solve?

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