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'The Killing' Recap - Stonewalled

I’m finally getting around to writing a recap of this week’s episode of The Killing.  I blame the Bulls for my tardiness, obviously.  Let’s check in with our favorite game of whodunit, shall we? This week was all about good people doing bad things.  Who got on with their bad selves this week? Mitch: Mitch... Read more »

Trailer Time: The Adventures of Tintin

Steven Spielberg returns to the director’s chair for the first time since 2008’s Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  He’s also got the live action War Horse coming out at the end of the year.  That one’s more Oscar bait.  This one looks like an imaginative fantasy flick that audiences of all ages... Read more »

Movie Review: Bridesmaids (**)

BRIDESMAIDS.  125 mins.  R.  Directed by Paul Feig.  Written by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig. In all respects, I really should have loved Bridesmaids.  I’m a big fan of female comedians, especially Kristen Wiig.  I never met a Judd Apatow production I didn’t like (okay, maybe that last hour of Funny People kind of tested... Read more »

The Baffling Bloated Praise for 'Bridesmaids'

I feel like I’m in some kind of modern retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  Why am I the only one who sees the truth here, that Bridesmaids is simply not a movie worthy of a 90% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Why are the critics so afraid of saying anything negative at all about this movie?  It feels... Read more »

Movie Review: Priest (*) Will Molest Your Wallet

Not to be confused with the similarly titled 1994 indie drama about a gay man of the cloth, this Priest is a super-dumb, hacked-to-pieces action film that, like its vampire characters, never should have seen the light of day.  Directed by visual effects man Scott Stewart, Priest plays like some weird mix of Blade Runner,... Read more »

VIDEO Throwback: 'The Shining' Trailer - The Feelgood Movie of the Year

I just felt like watching this today (Probably because Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” came up on my iPod yesterday).

American Idol Recap - Bleh and Flurgh

Is Idol over yet?  I mean, seriously.  This show is just about the worst thing on television right now, or at least the worst thing I watch.  I never watch anything on either MTV or TLC, so my scope is limited.  I do watch America’s Next Top Model, though.  It’s kind of a secret (or... Read more »

Quick Takes: Something Borrowed, The Beaver

SOMETHING BORROWED (*1/2) Just when you think Hollywood couldn’t produce another stupid romantic comedy, along comes Something Borrowed.  The big warning sign here is the involvement of Kate Hudson, who has, by now, squandered every ounce of goodwill she gained from Almost Famous back in ’00.  I don’t think she’s technically playing the same annoying... Read more »

Movie Review - Thor (***)

THOR.  114 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh.  Written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz and Don Payne. Of all of Marvel’s A-list superheroes, Thor is probably the trickiest one to build a movie around.  Given the vast mythology, ornate costumes, and awkward plot elements involving things called Asgard, Frost Giants, and “Odinsleep,” the difficulty... Read more »

Stanley Tucci Cast in 'Hunger Games'

Stanley Tucci Cast in 'Hunger Games'
I haven’t written much about the Hunger Games casting, but I have been watching with bated breath.  It’s the only thing keeping me from losing it over the imminent end of the Harry Potter franchise.  I’ve been somewhat OK with the casting so far.  I like Jennifer Lawrence.  I think the kid from The Kids... Read more »