'American Idol' Non-Cap

Consider this my little one woman protest against the train wreck that American Idol has become this season.  No.  Train wrecks are interesting.  What is the dullest possible thing imaginable?  Watching paint dry is too trite.  Watching paint dry while being forced to listen to watered down versions of America's favorite country/pop/rock songs followed by inane repetitions of the words "in it to win it, "beautiful," and "doing your thing?"  That's a little more like it.  

I did something tonight that I haven't done once over ten seasons of being an avid Idol maniac.  I stopped watching.  This is huge coming from someone who once wrote a recap of how she imagined the show went down because she was out of town and had to miss the episode (This actually happened.  During Season 5).
But 8:00 came around and I had to make a choice among Idol, Modern Family, and the Bulls game.  I could only choose two.  I could've gone upstairs or something, but who can move?
I opted to just stop recording Idol.  And I feel as if a duffle bag holding the weight of Ryan Seacrest's suit budget has been lifted from my shoulders.
Will I watch the finale next week?  Probably.  But only if the Bulls aren't playing.

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