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Good afternoon!  It's time for another recap of The Killing, and this time our focus is on...rebellion.

Let's find out who our rebels with/without causes were:
Bennet (Rebellion: He flat out lied to the police): When Bennet arrived to work on Day 5 after Rosie Larsen was murdered, the crack detective team of Linden and Holder was there to greet him.  They asked him about the letters.  He said that Rosie was just a special student and that their relationship consisted of nothing more than "intellectual discourse."  He "saved" "none" of the notes.  (Actually, his claims about the nature of their relationship and the location of the notes Rosie gave to him have yet to be proven false.)  Where Bennet actually did lie was in the small detail about the flooring guys calling him to cancel.  Boom!  Lawyered.  Bennet called to cancel the appointment with the flooring guys, not the other way around.  Also, he lied through omission about the nature of his relationship with his wife.  She was one of his former students. Gross.  
Rosie (Rebellion: Being a geek): Bennet handed over a Super 8 reel Rosie had shot of, among other things, herself and monarch butterflies.  Linden took the evidence down to the lab and watched it and watched it and watched it until her creepy fiance showed up and got all pissy about Sarah doing her job.  Why is he so pissy?  Let's all say it together: Because he's a murderer!  Anyway, Sarah maybe possibly found some evidence on the reel in the form of a person's reflection in the bike's rear view mirror.  
Thing 1 Larsen (Rebellion: Eating Rosie's cereal and stealing his father's money):  Denny (I think that's his name) claims that his parents don't care about him and and his brother anymore.  I feel some hardcore rebellion on the horizon for this young padawan.  
Thing 2 Larsen (Rebellion: Wetting the bed): Tony (again, I'm only 82% sure that's his name so maybe we'll just call him "Pee Pants") woke up with a tinkle surprise and immediately set off down the road to his dad's office where he dumped the pants in the garbage there.  Because that's anyone's first inclination.  Not a random dumpster.  Not, you know, figuring out how to do a load of laundry on your own.  Dumping your pee pants in your dad's place of business.  Belko (more on him later) found the soiled garment, laundered it, and changed the sheets on Pee Pants's bed.  
Jamie (Rebellion: Getting hammered): Who knew Jamie was a big old teetotaler?  Never thought about it, really.  Well, he is.  Or...he used to be.  Before he got initiated into the Peavy Club with Mr. Mayor the Bigot and his friend, the giant bottle of Jesus Juice.  Jamie's indiscretion was not for naught, though, because the mayor dropped some huge truth bombs in the room that night.  The mayor wasn't the one who put the mole in Richmond's office; Councilwoman Yitanes was the one who done did that.
Councilwoman Yitanes (Rebellion: Backstabbing): She, the woman who was supposed to be backing Richmond's candidacy all along, paid dearly to have eyes and ears in Darren's office, like to the tune of $150,000 dearly.  We all thought the mole was Gwen.  Well, I did, at least until early on in the episode when a new suspicious character "Nathan" was introduced.  Sure enough, Nathan was the mole.   
Gwen (Rebellion: Cheating on her boyfriend): Gwen got all high and mighty with Darren when she found out he was looking into her email correspondence.  But then, she was cheating on him with a local commercial director and probably some other people (But it was all for the good of the campaign; so wipe that look off your faces, you judgy judgersons).  I say: Even.
Holder (Rebellion: Celibacy and gambling): Holder made a bunch of money either from blackjack or from selling drugs.  Still unclear at this time.  What is not unclear is that he has been celibate for the past six months, a nugget of information he deemed appropriate to drop on Sarah for some unknown reason.  At the end of the episode, we saw him stalking the outside of a house in which a woman and a few children were having good old-fashioned family fun.  
Sarah (Rebellion: Obsessing over dead girls): Sarah's murderous fiance hates it when Sarah looks at picture of dead girls...for the purpose of solving crimes.  Sarah promised she would not start hanging Rosie's art pictures all over the walls...because Rosie didn't draw art pictures.  What Rosie did do, however, was make random artsy fartsy Super 8 videos, and Sarah never promised Murderous Rick that she wouldn't hang movie stills on her wall.  Loopholed!
Other Notes:
  • Stan breaking down in the gas station bathroom after seeing Rosie in her burial gown?  Heart wrenching.
  • Rosie loves Bits 'n' Pieces cereal.  I have no idea the significance of this.
  • The dialogue between Jamie and Darren about how Jamie is dating the mayor was really kind of uncomfortable.  So much homophobia.  If they powers that be are in any way trying to make these characters at all likeable, they're not doing a very good job.
  • Possible reason for why Rosie was murdered: Maybe she saw something she shouldn't have seen while she was out shooting her first year film school student Super 8 video.
  • The aunt who has been watching Thing 1 and Thing 2 while Mitch and Stan grieve is going to cut several bitches one of these days.
  • Mitch's bitch of a friend totally blew her off in the produce section of the grocery store.  What a jerk.  Maybe she's the murderer.
  • Bennet's wife was played by Chrissy from Growing Pains.  Weird to see her pregnant.
Leading Suspect: Bennet the Skeevy Teacher.  He's still the most likely suspect.  He has a history of dating his students.  There's hard evidence that he and Rosie had a relationship of indeterminate nature outside of school.  He cancelled the flooring guys.  He told his wife he had gotten home at 10:00 PM on the night of Rosie's murder, but he called her from his cell phone, not the home line.  Oh, and!  He had scads of sodium hydroxide in his house, a substance found on Rosie's body that was probably used to rid her corpse of incriminating DNA.  Pretty damning.  
How He'll Get Off: It will be revealed that he was having an affair with another student (maybe "students") in the school (probably Starling) and he was with her on the night of the murder.  

My Own Personal Lead Suspect: Belko.  He was introduced only briefly to us during the first few episodes, yet Brandon Sexton III's name is featured prominently in the opening credits.  Obviously, his role is going to become more important as the season goes on.  Last night we saw him milling around the Larsen house, buddying up to Pee Pants.  We also saw him asking Stan about the investigation and whether or not he should find out from his friend at the school who Linden and Holder are looking at as suspects.  Sure, he might just be an interested close family friend, but also...he could be a murderer.
Or maybe the murderer is just still Sarah's creepy fiance.  That's probably it.
What did you think?  

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