'The Killing' Recap - A Soundless Echo


Last night was all about secrets -- like the kind Gretchen Wieners hides in her hair.  Let's see who was keeping what from whom.

Rosie - Rosie, whose mother chastised Sarah Linden for thinking that Rosie might be hiding anything at all, was hiding lots of things.  She had cut herself off from her best friend, Sterling, and had started leaving school everyday to take the bus to the end of the line and hang out at the Seattle All Stars Program (Councilman Richmond's pet project).  She ditched the school party on the night of her death and went to hang out with her sexy older man boyfriend who was...her teacher!  
Bennet - That's right.  The teacher, who'd been so sad up to this point about losing his star pupil and whose name we never had occasion to know until he felt the need to proclaim it to Mrs. Larsen in the school hallway, was having an inappropriate romantic affair with Rosie Larsen.  He wrote her love letters and she hid them in her private light-up globe.  Because this meddling public school teacher was going to give her...the world.
Sterling - Sterling was not only keeping all of Rosie's secrets (the ones she knew, anyway), but she was also keeping her own.  Like the fact that she donned Rosie's Halloween costume after it was discarded on Friday night and went down to the cage with Jasper and his skeevy friend Kris "Not Logan" Echols.  So Sterling was the one in the video with those jackholes, not Rosie.
Sarah Linden - The ace detective, who has been trying to quit smoking, used to hide packs of cigarettes in her pillowcases.  This led her back to Rosie's bedroom to figure out where Rosie used to hide her secret things.  And a-ha!  The globe.

Holder - While Holder was questioning that douchesack Echols, the junkie asked the cop if his partner knew that he had the same itch as Echols.  Is Holder's brain hooked on drugs after spending so much time undercover?  I'd believe it.  The same thing happened to Jack Bauer.
Gwen Eaton - She's totally the mole, obviously, but did you also know that her father's a senator?  And he's the guy who played Charles Whidmore on LOST and evil-ish characters on a million other TV shows?  It all adds up to him being evil on The Killing.  He and his daughter walked together along a pier and hatched a plan to get Darren Richmond to show up at a huge billionaire's house party.
Darren Richmond - He secretly took $50,000 from the billionaire to finance his campaign, despite hating the guy's guts.  He totally knows Gwen's the mole; and, to prove it, he's enlisted the help of fired aide...
Jamie - Richmond knew Jamie couldn't have been the mole, because if he had been, he would've found a smarter way to screw Richmond.  Richmond is trying to entrench Jamie in the mayor's camp.  And it's working!
Mr. Larsen - Mr. Larsen bought a secret house for his family before Rosie died.  Also, he used to be a mobster.  With some guy who owns a restaurant. But even though Mr. Larsen had been out of the game for 17 years, he still felt OK taking the wad of cash the restaurant guy offered him.  
Sarah's fiance - He's hiding the secret that's he's a murderer.  Also, he eats cake like a crazy person.
Leading Suspect: Bennet
How Bennet will get out of being the killer: It will come out that Bennet did, in fact, have an affair with Rosie, but he'll have an air-tight alibi for what he did after he left her on the night of the murder.  Like he was with his real girlfriend or something.  What an ass.
Left Field Suspect: Mr. Larsen's employee who showed up in this episode (Mr. Larsen showed him the secret house he bought) and who acted like a jerk to a store owner in the first episode.  Why does he even exist if he's not the murderer?  Riddle me that.
At whom are you pointing your finger this week?

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