Parenting Fail - 'R' Rated Movie Edition


Tiny Baby Lady finally let me out of the house for a few hours this weekend to see Wes Craven's magnum opus, Scream IV.

John and I plopped down in our usual seats and waited for the film to start.  While we munched on our M&Ms, a woman entered the theater followed by her three small children.  I mean, small. Like between the ages of three and seven small.  
I thought about informing the woman that Rio was across the hall, but I didn't.  Because I didn't want to be that person.  Maybe her kids routinely watch violent movies.  Maybe they'd already seen Screams I-III, and had been waiting on pins and needles for months to see the latest installment.  Who was I to judge?
I figured that if she had made a mistake in dragging her young'ns into the wrong theater, she'd realize it when she saw that this particular film was not animated.  And that there was no music.  The movie started.  The girl from new-school 90210 showed up on the screen.  The kids did not leave the theater.
One person got stabbed.  Then another.  Then another and another.  The children stayed.  
Finally, about 15-20 minutes into the movie, the lady dragged her three kids out of Scream IV.  I imagine, though, the damage to their psyches had been done.  My kid would've been traumatized for weeks.
Have you ever been "one of those people" who give unsolicited parenting advice to other people?  Have you ever been the recipient of unsolicited parenting advice?  What should I have done in this situation?  What would you have done?  Can we all agree that taking three elementary school children to see Scream IV is a bad idea?


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  • You did the right thing. The parents naive enough to not realize such a movie isn't for their kids aren't going to listen to you. I've even seen it at comedy shows - before the start of the show somebody comes out and tells people it's a raunchy show and they probably don't want their kids seeing it, nobody moves, then 10-15 minutes into the show you see parents dragging out their kids.

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