American Idol Recap - Rock and/or Roll

Tyler and Tyler

Well, I think my theory that just shows up at the door of the American Idol studio each week looking for a chance to get on television is not so farfetched.  The King Pea himself stormed Jimmy Iovine's weekly practice sessions with this year's crop of talented boring people, pulled up a director's chair, and started shouting about denying the kids water and not liking being called "mama."  He's like a little strangely-coiffed street urchin.  With attitude.

Let's see...What else do you need to know before we get down to it?  Gwen Stefani showed up to turn the three remaining girl Idols into L.A.M.B.s in really unfortunate clothing.  We didn't get to see any actual footage of Mrs. Rossdale telling Lauren Alaina that gingham formal shorts are flattering on any body type, but I'm sure we'll be treated to some of that bullshittery tomorrow night.
I am really upset that I wasn't paying close enough attention to realize that FOX was looking for Idol fans to write lyrics to this year's "A Moment Like These Rainbows Do They Make You Proud?" finale song.  I could've so rocked that.  I've been working on a lot of climbing metaphors in my blogging classes lately.  
Christian Slater!  
Best line of the night: During the video package about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Steven Tyler stated after kissing his likeness, "Second prettiest bust I kissed all day."
Performances from Best to Worst:
Casey A
Pia A-
Paul A-
Haley B
Jame B
Scotty B-
Jacob B-
Stefano C+
Lauren C
Your Bottom 3, America: Stefano, Jacob, James
Who's Going Home?: Jacob

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