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Movie Review - Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D

Hey folks – Hammer here.  I’m not even sure if the “Bieber” is still in theaters these days, but it sounds like we may just have a winner here.  That is, until Jaden Smith inevitably shows up for his title song duet with the Biebs.  Still, I don’t think I can shell out $13 bucks... Read more »

American Idol Recap - Mo' Motown

The American Idol MVP Award, the most prestigious award we at Hammervision can bestow upon any single living person, goes tonight to Ms. Jennifer Lopez.  The lady offered valid, coherent critiques without using made-up words.  She slyly infused one of her critiques with the word “niche” knowing full well it would jog our memories and bring... Read more »

Screen Legend Elizabeth Taylor Has Died at the Age of 79

The oeuvre of Elizabeth Taylor has always been kind of a blind spot for me.  The only movies of hers I remember seeing are National Velvet and Little Women (my favorite screen version of the noble tome).  I know her more for her tabloid marriages, her role in Liza Minelli’s ill-fated wedding to David Gest,... Read more »

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs
Pretty much the only topics of conversation right now in the Hammervision household are the Butler Bulldogs (Go Dawgs!) and the fact that, despite John’s bitching about me wasting $10 to fill out a bracket pretty much alphabetically, I have been in first place in our pool since Friday (Go…Arizona…?) Even the Big Love finale... Read more »

Movie Review - Limitless

Hey folks – Hammer here.  Had a chance to see this one myself over the weekend.  It’s a fun flick, entertaining though not very fulfilling.  Alternately funny, thrilling, and dramatic – it operates on a number of mostly interesting levels.  Director Neil Burger (The Illusionist) employs some cool long-take zoom shots through cities and cars.... Read more »

9 Questions About the American Idol Results Show

1. So, I guess my biggest question is what did Scotty McCreery want to be when he grew up before he decided to become a country singing George W. Bush lookalike? Baby Lockthemdoors wanted to be an astronaut, but much like his presidential doppelganger, his brain wasn’t astronaut material.   2. Now let’s go through... Read more »

American Idol Recap - A Lusky Stank or Just Plain Stink?

Last night was my favorite American Idol theme night: Birth Year Night!  Why is that my favorite night?  I have no idea, because it always ends up being a huge downer. 1) It makes me feels like a giant old to discover that some of the Idol contestants were in the hospital being born while... Read more »

Movie Essentials: March Madness Edition

Movie Essentials: March Madness Edition
We’ve got a basketball jones! With the impressive Bulls playing like the team I grew up hating as a kid in Michigan (though I’m a fan now) and with March Madness just around the corner (go Butler!), Hammervision is highlighting the “essential” basketball movies.  Now, before you get all hot and bothered and say, “but... Read more »

7 Things You Definitely Need for Your New Baby

All I want is double stroller that's not double wide that has enough room to hold several shopping bags and that will fit down the aisles of my local grocery store and is substantial enough to use on long walks and will hold my son's weight for a few more years and also holds my daughter's car seat and is easy and lightweight enough for me to quickly fold it up and shove it into the trunk with minimal swearing.  Oh and a good freaking cup holder that will accommodate a venti chai from Starbucks.  Is that too much to ask?  I'll let you know if the new stroller I've picked out is "the one."
If only we all could possess the same smug wisdom that comes with a second child when we’re making out our registry list for the first kid.   Hammervision made an exciting trek out to Buy Buy Baby this weekend (a store I have come to despise over the past few years, but more about... Read more »

Battle: Los Angeles (**1/2), and Other Movies With Great Previews That Ended Up Sucking

It was the beginning of the end.  I remember seeing the trailer, thinking it looked cool, and saying, "By golly, M. Night's done it again!"  Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs - the man couldn't be stopped.  Until The Village, that is.  Nowadays, having seen The Last Airbender, The Happening, and Lady in the Water, The Village looks like the greatest movie ever made.  But audiences largely rejected this effort.  The twist at the end was unsatisfying.  Putting a mentally challenged Adrian Brody in a hooded, clawed costume and making him the beast didn't help things any.   Hard to take this one seriously.
BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.  109 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Jonathan Liebesman.  Written by Christopher Bertolini. If the title of this sci-fi, heavy-artillery war movie sounds like a video game, that’s because it mostly plays like one.  And even that comparison does a disservice to the best video games, which easily eclipse Battle: Los Angeles in wit,... Read more »