March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs


Pretty much the only topics of conversation right now in the Hammervision household are the Butler Bulldogs (Go Dawgs!) and the fact that, despite John's bitching about me wasting $10 to fill out a bracket pretty much alphabetically, I have been in first place in our pool since Friday (Go...Arizona...?)

Even the Big Love finale bored me to sleep.  I was all SPOILER ALERT, "So that's why Ginnifer Goodwin's hair has been that way all year? END SPOILER.  This show has nothing on whatever has been happening on the basketball court this weekend."
And then that got me thinking about all the '90s TV shows about basketball (nice segue?) and their theme songs.  So, for fun today, join me in celebrating the best basketball TV had to offer at one point in time:
En Vogue hung with Mr. Cooper

Saturday morning caught some Hang Time with Reggie Theus and Anthony Anderson:

Coach Lubbock and his family kept doing it the best they could.

And, I couldn't find any evidence of the "NBA on NBC" theme bit that Conan O'Brien did several years ago; but if you love the "NBA on NBC" and want to feel excited about life (plus hear a random Bulls shout out), click this link.  John Tesh reveals how he composed the most inspirational piece of music of all time since "Eye of the Tiger."
What are your favorite basketball shows?

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