American Idol Recap - Girls on Stage

The girls sang last night, and they gave us a lot more positive things to think about than the boys did the night before.

As Ryan Seacrest asked last night, "How do you pick your favorite?"  Whether or not he asked said question in an Asian accent, I'll leave up to you.

Here are your Top 12 girls:

So that's that.  What did you think of the ladies?  Who's your favorite? 

Oh, and...
Confidential to S.T. and J. Lo.: You are collectively morphing into Ellen DeGeneres.  Stop it now.


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  • Wow, those were some harsh comments! I might be the only one in the world who feels this way, but I actually liked Rachel - a lot. At least she didn't just stand there and sing. It really bothers me when the judges, year after year, bash contestants for singing in Broadway style, like it's bad or something. I'll never understand that.

    Haley is my favorite. I think she's sexy, and I like her little growling thing she does.

    I totally agree with you on Karen. I'm not convinced at all with her. She has probably peaked already.

    And Pia should go really far, but I've got Casey over Paul in the finale.

    What are your predictions for tonight? You know there will be at least one or two ridiculous surprises...

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    I actually had to go back to my boys post to figure out who "Paul" was. I know him only has "Hipster Beard." Maybe that doesn't bode well for him...

    There are always surprises. Usually bad ones at this stage of the game. I'm going to predict that these ten will get in tonight:

    Seth Rogen
    Baby LockThemDoors
    Baby Lambert
    Hipster Beard

    DJ Tanner

    Hopefully the wild card spots will go to Naima and Housekeeper.

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    It sure seems like those five guys will make it. It's really hard to predict the girls after Pia, Lauren Alaina, and Karen. I hope you're right about Haley, but I have a bad feeling she's going home. I'd like to see Clint and Brett get in. I think Clint is being overlooked by everybody right now. He's the second coming of Rudy Cardenas from Season 6 - a really good singer, but unfortunately placed in the Spot of Death (first person of the season to perform for our votes). I just hope there's not a Katelyn Epperly-Lilly Scott-Alex Lambert-Todrick Hall-esque bloodbath like we had last year. It ruined the entire season.

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    That was horrifying last year, and no doubt the reason Uncle Nigel changed things up this year. I think Clint is pretty forgettable, but the PTB have been pimping him, so who knows?

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    Also, if only it could be a finale featuring the real DJ Tanner vs. the real Seth Rogen. That I'd be excited to watch.

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    I'm late to this party because I accidentally went to bed early on Wednesday without watching any TV. But now I'm caught up. Here are my thoughts. First, I thought the girls were INCREDIBLY boring. The boys were a mix of good and average but at least they kinda kept it interesting. Also, the boys did ok on song choice (although the judges were too easy on them) but the girls were terrible. If simon were there he would have used the phrase "self indulgent" as much as Randy used the phrase "Kelly Clarkson." Especially in their love affair with DJ Tanner - that was a horrific song choice - she could have brought down the house with a song that showed off her range and power and instead she sings something cutsie.

    Argh. Then Julie threw away what - I agree with you - was an easy ride to the finals dressing like she was headed to Jr. Prom and singing a boring, below average rendition of that song. She should have worn a grown up dress and sang a grown up song and she would have coasted in, easy peasy.

    Finally, someone on the judge's panel needs to grow some claws. Randy has become the unlikely voice of reason. I had hoped that Steven Tyler would be a take no prisoners kinda judge, but he's too in love with the people he picked.

  • In reply to UnpagedCrowd:

    Great post. I'm calling a Seth Rogen/DJ Tanner finale. Though if Pia keeps it up, she could sneak in there.

    And please refer to Baby Lambert as "Shambert" until further notice.

  • In reply to Hammer:

    Did you come up with "Shambert" all on your own? Because, brilliant.

    I like to say it in a French accent, a la "camembert." Shom-bere.

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