American Idol Recap - A Lusky Stank or Just Plain Stink?

Last night was my favorite American Idol theme night: Birth Year Night!  Why is that my favorite night?  I have no idea, because it always ends up being a huge downer.

1) It makes me feels like a giant old to discover that some of the Idol contestants were in the hospital being born while I was sitting in junior year English class.
2) It makes me curse my own birth year because if I were a contestant on Idol I'd be able to choose any song from "The Pina Colada Song" to...well, that's pretty much it.
3) I resent the young whipper snappers on this program who don't realize how good they have it with songs from the chronically untapped-on-Idol '90s so they end up choosing songs from the very worst Disney movies ever.
Anyway.  Here's how the Top Dozen did:

A few more notes:

  • Idol is donating all the iTunes proceeds from this week's performances to the Red Cross.  Maybe the judges and 'Crest should give up their salaries for one week as well...hmm...?  Just a thought.
  • J-Lo tried so hard not to use the word "pitchy" in her critique of Naima.  You could see her trying to find a synonym, but she couldn't.  "Pitchy" is now a real thing, America.  Thanks, Dawg.
  • Jimmy Iovine gave the quote of the night: "Have confidence to be who you are.  Most people don't."  Words to live by.
  • Why did Kate Hudson get relegated to the last row in the IdolDome?
  • Why did Seacrest completely ignore poor Carly Smithson when he was talking to Mary Murphy and Tamyra Gray.  Carly wanted to be on the teevee so hard.
Performances in order from best to worst:
Stefano A-
Shambert B
Baby Lockthemdoors B
Deej B-
Mrs. Klump B-
Seth Rogen B-
Naima C+
Pia C+
Thia C-
Single Latina Female C-
Haley D+
Paul F+
Your Bottom 3:
Thia, Single Latina Female, Haley
Who's going home?
See ya, Thia!

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