7 Things You Definitely Need for Your New Baby


If only we all could possess the same smug wisdom that comes with a second child when we're making out our registry list for the first kid.  

Hammervision made an exciting trek out to Buy Buy Baby this weekend (a store I have come to despise over the past few years, but more about that some other time) to check out strollers.  Yes, I have always made fun of people who talk about how they've purchased upwards of ten strollers.  And, yes, I am about to purchase stroller number four.  But again, that's another post.
This post is about the poor souls wandering through the jam packed aisle of the baby store, making knee-jerk reactions about which car seats to buy and whether or not they need to buy a bottle sterilizer (hint: they don't).  
Here's a list of items I bought for the second baby that I wish I'd had for the first one (and I am totally not getting paid to say any of this, though I wish I were):

What are your "must have" baby products?  Conversely, which products were you told to toss on your registry that you've found completely unnecessary?


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  • Boppy nursing pillow. I used it for so much more than nursing. Like tummy time, support/crash guard for a baby who is learning to sit up, a soft seat for mom while playing with baby on the floor, and, now that nursing is over, I use it to prop me up at night to read or when I'm sick with a cold (and too pregnant to enjoy a big dose of nyquil)and can't sleep laying down. I could write a love song for my boppy.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    I never had a Boppy :(

    I thought about getting one for baby #2, but never got around to it. So now she's just going to have to deal with crashing on the floor when she's learning to sit up. That's life.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    The highchair is for... well, I'm not sure. It's high. And it's a chair. The strap-on booster seat has a tendency to accumulate lots of nasty food bits underneath. On the other hand, the highchair has its own special seat cushion that is specially designed for food accumulation. We ditched both with for our toddler and have been using the adjustable grow-with-me chair-of-many-levels. It is great, with much less food accumulation. Except she can escape now.

    Perfect stroller: never did find that. Once they get mobile you end up pushing an empty one while the toddler lingers behind and/or throws herself on the floor. Maybe if I get one of those strait-jackets...

  • In reply to aimstarr:

    So true with the food accumulation. I'm shocked when any crumbs actually make it into their face holes.

    We have one of the grow-with-me-chairs as our high chair, which is fine...except where did I put the damn instructions to make the chair grow with anybody? Also, somehow the chair has been raining bolts for the past several months. I have no idea from whence these bolts have come. It's a miracle the chair is still upright. I'm excited to see exactly how many bolts need to fall out of the chair before it officially collapses.

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