What Turns You Into a Blubbering Baby?

I'm sure we've all been here before.  You're driving your car, rocking out to all of your favorite mid to late '90s jams because that's all the music you have on your iPod, when suddenly the Barenaked Ladies' "Old Apartment" comes on and you find yourself wiping away tears and getting so choked up you can't even sing along anymore.

No?  Just me?
Well that's what happened to me yesterday.  I'm not sure what triggered the waterworks.  Maybe it was the subject matter of the song and the fact that it has now been five whole years since we did in fact move out of our old apartment.  And I'm pretty sure we left a few mousetraps there, as well.  Maybe I can just blame it on post-partum hormones.  You can bet I'll be blaming everything on post-partum hormones until Little Miss Baby is at least in junior high.
And while I'd never cried at this particular song before, I do have definite sap strings that, when pulled, result in truly embarrassing eye-fountain explosions.  "Dogs in peril" is my biggest cry trigger.  I frightened the happy four-year-old child sitting next to me in the theater when I bawled through Babe: Pig in the City.  I couldn't even get through the trailer for Marley and Me without wiping away tears.  I kept refusing to see 8 Below until John told me that none of the dogs in the movie die.  Spoiler Alert: He lied.
What brings out the blubbering sap in you?  Here.  Let me help get the waterworks started.  Let's all cry together:


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  • I love this era of Barenaked Ladies. I'm forcing myself right now not to get choked up that Steven left the band.

  • In reply to solfeggio4:

    I have been listening to a lot of Rock Spectacle lately. So good. Also, The Counting Crows' August and Everything After. And the best of James. Always the best of James. Maybe I should find some new music but, no, I don't wanna.

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