Movie Review - Just Go With It (*1/2)


JUST GO WITH IT.  116 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Dennis Dugan.  Written by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling.
Why does Hollywood have such a difficult time putting out a semi-quality romantic comedy around Valentine's Day?  I realize that most romcoms typically suck, but, c'mon, Paramount could have at least saved No Strings Attached for this weekend.  Instead, couples opting for a romantic night out at the movies are stuck with Just Go With It, Adam Sandler's latest in a long line of underwhelming, barely funny "comedies."  Sandler movies make money consistently even though most of them disappoint, and I think he does so well because people keep thinking he's got another Happy Gilmore or Wedding Singer in him.  Based on this latest casualty of decent cinema, I'd say that Sandler has given up, content to just schlub around in t-shirts.  And we should give up trying to expect more from him.
The trailers for Just Go With It looked bad.  The movie is even worse.  Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who uses a wedding ring to bed women even though he's not married.  At a party one night, he meets Palmer (Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker) - a sweet, personality-less blonde robot who he beds on a beach that night - from the looks of it, the same beach that Sandy and Danny had some summer lovin' on back in Grease times.  Palmer finds the wedding ring - Sandler doesn't tell her its true use, and says he's getting divorced.  He brings his supposedly homely assistant Katherine (the decidedly un-homely Jennifer Aniston) to act as his ex-wife.  Katherine's annoying kids enter the mix - the girl is an aspiring actress who speaks in a British accent.  And a trip to Hawaii factors in - for no real reason other than to give the actors a free vacation to Hawaii.  I swear, I feel like I paid $10 for them to go.  Nice for them.
The movie labors to get these plot machinations rolling, and none of it feels genuine, all of it is forced.  Decker makes for a fine screen presence, but her character is the worst of plot devices.  She exists only for other characters to make up more lies.  With each passing lie, you grow more fed up.  The plot of this movie doesn't fuel comedy, it triggers annoyance and anger.  Stop lying!  Adding insult to injury, the running time clocks in at 116 mins.  There is no reason why this movie should be longer than 85 mins.  Why prolong the torture?  At one point, Nicole Kidman pops up in Hawaii as Katherine's nemesis.  After getting over the initial reaction of what the hell is Kidman doing in this movie?, you realize that every single one of her scenes is unnecessary.  Given the bloated running time, her scenes would be the first to go, but she's Kidman and director Dennis Dugan probably felt he had to include all of them.  You know you've hit rock bottom when Kidman's on-screen husband (Dave Matthews) picks up a coconut by his asshole.  Yes, you read that right.  And yes, it plays exactly as you'd expect.  
I don't know who Aniston hired as her managers/agents, but she should fire them.  She is a talented comedic actress who is ruining her reputation by making one bad movie after another.  I get that she would want to work with Sandler, but the script for Just Go With It should have scared off any self-respecting actor.  The thing is, I did like her and Sandler together here.  Of all Sandler's female co-stars over the years, Aniston is second only to Drew Barrymore in the perfect match department.  Too bad this is the movie they chose to do together.  If they had just done any other movie...maybe we could have had something special.  I'm giving an extra half star for that wasted potential, but, honestly, this is a one-star flick.  Just Go With It?  Nah.  Just Don't Go To It.


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  • Well, the movie has Jennifer Aniston.... sorry to say, but guaranteed to make your movie a dud.

  • In reply to SteveLeventhal:

    Yes - it's sad that she's become an omen for bad films. She desperately needs to fire her agent and pull an Affleck.

  • As much as you want it to be true Aniston is just not that amazing a movie actress. She has her one character that she plays in every movie and thati s about it. The kids in the movie were annoying as all get out. Nick Swardson was the best part of the movie to be honest and that wasn't even that good of a part. Plus it is just so grossly predictable. Sandler needs to go back to doing something like Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore or even the Wedding Singer or Punch Drunk Love, because these movies are just killing him and really killing anyones want to see his movies.

  • In reply to movieczar:

    He's got so much money, and people keep paying to see his movies. He hasn't had the wake up call he needs yet. Sure, this one's poorly reviewed, but almost all of his movies are. I bet he just thinks the critics are wrong and everyone else loves his movies. He would be wrong. He's so far away from Happy Gilmore days. I don't even think he's capable of making a movie like that anymore.

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