Movie Essentials: Best Actor Nominees 2010


The Essentials are back!  After running down the 10 essential films of each year from 1979-2010 (check out the "Best Of Lists" tab above for more), Hammervision is now taking it upon itself to highlight the 3 "Essential" movies of each of the acting and directing nominees, where possible (I'm talking to you, Hailee Steinfeld).  Whether you've already seen these movies or enjoyed the actor/director's performances this year and are looking for more - these lists will tell you what you need to see, at the minimum.  We'll start this week with the Best Actor nominees.  Check back in the coming days and weeks ahead for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and Director nominee Essentials.  So, let's get to it.

This year's crop of Best Actor nominees are a typically strong bunch.  The Best Actor category usually is.  The frontrunner at this point is Colin Firth, and, in all likelihood, he'll win. My favorite performance was Jeff Bridges' Rooster Cogburn in the Coen Brothers' True Grit remake.  Watching The Social Network a second time, I was struck by how deft Jesse Eisenberg was as Mark Zuckerberg.  It's always nice to see James Franco get recognized for anything.  And Javier Bardem was excellent in Biutiful, even if the movie itself wasn't.  Here are their Essentials:


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  • Hard to take seriously any discussion of Jeff Bridge's oeuvre that omits his fantastic turn as Dr. Mark Powell in K-Pax!

  • Greg, that's crazy talk! Fabulous Baker Boys? Sure. Last Picture Show? Yeah. Even Tron? Yup. But Crap-Pax? Glad to hear that somebody liked it, but I sure didn't...

  • Oops. That was my comment above. Not Julie's.

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