Doing the iPod Shuffle - What Are You Listening To Now?


My husband called me a "relic" the other day, which, as a classicist, I took as a compliment.  

He was referring to the music on my iPod, which currently features a playlist that runs the gamut from Ani DiFranco to more Ani DiFranco to the Indigo Girls.  I, no joke, have not updated my iPod since somewhere around 2007.  
John tried to tell me that if I look for it, I might actually find some new music that I like just as much as my old standbys.  I told him that I am striving to be my dad, listening to the Talking Heads and Cat Stevens and owning just one Daughtry CD to prove that I have in fact been alive since 1985.  
But I am willing to grow and expand my musical repertoire.  So, tell me.  What are you currently listening to?  Which artists do I absolutely have to add to my collection of Aimee Mann and Tori Amos albums?  

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  • Our ipods sound very similar, Julie! Pretty surprising, right? We must have peaked musically in our harmony-driven HS days. Here's some other music I've added since then, though. These are mostly singer/songwriters who enjoy an acoustic guitar, though, so I don't know how much I'm really branching out. :) Melissa Ferrick, Joshua Radin, V.V. Brown, Robyn, The Weepies, Rosi Golan, Chris Pureka, Anne Heaton, Girlyman.

  • Thanks, Nora! I have actually heard of a few of these folks and that makes me feel much hipper than I know I am. Sad Bastard music is one of my favorite genres, so I will definitely check out your suggestions.

    My in-car harmonies are just not the same without you, though I am trying to teach the children. Boy Child is eventually going to take over on all of the Amy Ray vocals. That's my plan.

  • The new P.J. Harvey album came out Tuesday. Future classic album, buy it now. Florence & the Machines are gaining steam and it really is your style. And you should really just go to the library and get like 20 new albums a week, even if you go by release dates and cool looking album covers you are destined to find some new genres and artists.

  • that explains why I can't find my "Sand in the Vaseline" and "Tea for the Tillerman" albums

  • In reply to gvon:

    And I'm pretty sure I bogarted those albums from his collection and added them to mine :)

  • In reply to gvon:

    if you want something new, try "Total Life Forever" by Foals; the first Aracade Fire album; or "Satanic Panic In the Attic" by Of Montreal.

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