American Idol: Stop It, Nigel

I'll get to the real Idol recapping once the show gets whittled down to the Top 20 or whatever they're doing.  After five years of blogging about American Idol, I just can't anymore with these early audition rounds.  It's always the same manufactured drama over and over and over and snooze.

I do have a few comments about what I saw last night during the...GROUP ROUND!
1. Much like "fetch," Uncle Nigel has to stop trying to make the drama happen.  At this point, no one tunes into Idol for the Hollywood Week shenanigans.  We tune in to see good singers, singers with whom we will spend the next three months of our lives.  We don't care about Star Boobs and  her inability to find a group to house her...erm...talents.
2. Oh, yeah and...What was with the stupid grouping issues?  Because the day one auditioners had a leg up on the day two folks, the contestants were told that each group had to contain at least one person from day one and one person from day two.  This just seemed silly and unnecessary.  Maybe if you're so concerned about "fairness," Nigel, don't pass out the group round song list to the contestants until, you know, you actually want them to start practicing together.
3. Inconsistent judging.  Several groups right in the beginning of the auditions were pretty darned awful.  And each member was told by Jennifer Lopez that they had advanced to the next round.  Then there were other groups that were much better (the girls who sang to Steven Tyler come to mind) and several members of those groups were cut.
4. Getting rid of Giovanni Ribisi.  The diminutive musician from Nashville who was forced to spend the week with his ex-girlfriend obviously didn't really want to stay in the competition.  More reason to keep him then, Nigel!  There's your drama, sir.
What did you think of the group rounds?  Who are your early faves?  And where has Tall Harvard White House Intern gone?

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